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  1. icd70

    Georgia Bronco

    If your not a Bulldawg your just another bitch...Lol
  2. icd70

    Indiana Bronco

    Hey Guys. I live over in Terre Haute. I have been trying to join the Facebook group but haven't gotten a response. I'm headed down to SCE 2024 and already have a room reserved. Would love to hang and meet ya'll. I also go to Badlands in Attica often so if anyone is looking to wheel let me know.
  3. icd70

    Georgia Bronco

    I'm still trying to make contact with the Indiana group. Might have to hang with the Dawgs!
  4. Fully Naked thread! -- All Doors and Tops Off Pics

    Wife doesn't like the new wrap..... those fender flares work great!
  5. ARCHETYPE RACING | RUTS - Ruggedized Utility Trail Sights

    You need a "Send IT" mailing list so I can stay on top of your silliness! BTW... SEND IT!
  6. AR | S.I.T.H. Modular Bumper Shackle - Common Hardware REIMAGINED

    Hey @EIGHTLUG Sorry I'm late to the dance on this one... You know what to do....SEND IT!!!!!!!! Q: Do you think the red will look ok with the Rapid Red or should I go Black?
  7. AR | STIRRUP® OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    If you have ever had an AR product, I can tell you waiting for an new product is as bad as waiting for your Bronco! These guys do it right. I don't even flinch at the prices because I know it is worth every penny! I just saw the Grab rail on the website, WOW
  8. December Update - Granger Ford

    I'll Just drop this here... GRANGER Rocks!
  9. Grab handle part numbers.

    Awesome is there not a red one?
  10. Anyone else think seats aren't comfortable?

    I just drove mine 1300 miles from Granger in Iowa to Yorktown Va. I' broke it up into 7.5HRS on day one and 11HRS on day two. I found the seats to be incredible comfortable. I don't know if the leather seats with the lumbar are any different than the MGV. I'm 5'10 for reference. BTW the...
  11. Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    I was at Granger on Friday picking up my Bronco... And this is what I saw headed to Colorado.... Enjoy guys there on there way...
  12. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    Finally! Thanks Albert 😇 Hunter, Eric, Zach and the rest of the team for a great experience and a better than fair price!
  13. Phone gets hot on wireless charging pad?

    I drove 450 miles yesterday and this is how my wireless charger preformed. Phone: samsung s21 ultra in otterbox thin case. Synced phone ran waze place phone still in case on charger. Drove for about 1 hour and fifteen minutes and received a message that the wireless connection was lost. Picked...
  14. Bronco (2.7 engine) shut off on highway, left me on the side of the road

    OK tin foil hat time.... Ford knew that the engines where bad, created the hard top issue to put them on the DM to avoid a rash of engines blowing up early in the release and all at once? ok maybe not but I'm sure 5G gave me a rash... LOL
  15. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    I'm Flying out to Pick mine up from Granger on Friday :) Finally, I hope it's not Ford scheduling my flight...LOL Just kidding Ford I still love ya'll!
  16. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    Bad Ass Curtis! Happy for you. My Badlands should be here before Turkey day!
  17. The official, my dealer is a tool and won't tell me my rail car number.

    Wow thanks Ya'll are the best! I love this community!
  18. The official, my dealer is a tool and won't tell me my rail car number.

    LOL your in Omaha! someone told me that's where Grangers go. I'll send you a bottle of your favorite spirit if you run down there and find it for me...LOL:LOL: