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  1. New Bronco Models / Variants Are Coming Per Ford

    Come on now there's no money in that ,;-)
  2. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Hey, I haven't posted in a while (been swamped with the day job and the photography) but loving the Bronco even though it is just a daily driver at this point in time. The only mods that I have done to this point are adding a Broaddict Hood Deflector to it as well as my BYOD Rail from Archtype...
  3. UAW and Ford have reached a contract agreement! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I'm sure somebody else will have this number in the thread but just to reiterate, only 15% of a vehicle's price is labor. Taking that into account remember that in the first quarter of 2023, Ford reported a $1.3 billion profit. I'm thinking there might still be enough to go around.
  4. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Sorry about that. 2 Door Black Diamond 2.3L 10 speed Mid Package Chili Pepper Red
  5. 8/21 Build Week Group

    So, financing officially worked out and Augie came home from Varsity Ford in Ann Arbor this afternoon. 2 Door Black Diamond 2.3L Automatic with the Mid-Package in Chili Pepper Red. Loving it so far. Took it over to pick my son up at college today and felt great. Only had time to add bug/rock...
  6. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    So, the day that I didn't think was ever going to show up, we picked Augie up today. My biggest fear was that I was going to get it drive it and absolutely hate it but there is no chance in hell at that. Taking it over to Grand Rapids right now to see the kid but loving every second.
  7. [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: DIY Windshield Protection Film Kit (exoshield) for your Ford Bronco!

    Zero at this point as I will pick it up on Saturday ;-)
  8. 8/21 Build Week Group

    So, mine has unofficially been delivered ;-) I have seen it, photographed the VIN and the rig itself but haven't received notification. I am assuming the holiday is messing with things which is fine :-)
  9. 8/21 Build Week Group

    Thank you for the reassurance, it showed as shipped today. Waiting on Dealer right now because we need to hold until payday ;-)
  10. 8/21 Build Week Group

    Thanks, I was assuming it was something like that. Now I have to fuss out the financing.
  11. 8/21 Build Week Group

    I was 167 our of 679, I have a built date of 8/25 but no ship date yet. Interestingly the 'tracker' still shows all of the dates but the green dots have gone back to order confirmed.
  12. 8/21 Build Week Group

    So, 3/27 order for my second order of the process. I had to let the first one go because my wife totaled her primary driver three weeks prior to my delivery and there was only money for one car at the time. So, 2 Door Black Diamond, 2.3 with the 10 Speed Auto. Hot Pepper Red, Mid-Package but no...
  13. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    So, in a bit of cosmic irony, for has moved my build week up to NEXT week. The down payment will be available on September 15 so I hope they slow down on their efficiency for a bit :-)
  14. 2024 Bronco Build and Price Now Live

    I didn't find it anywhere as well. Possibly an error?
  15. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I had a September 4 build week and was hoping to get pushed back a week to get another pay period under my belt for the down payment . . . . . . Naturally Ford moves my order UP a week. Oh well ;-)
  16. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @JakeC honestly it all depends on how my work schedules sorts itself out. More than likely something local but no clue right now.
  17. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    So . . . . . . . I have a build date for September 4. I totally expect that to be pushed out a week or two but as long as the wife agrees not to total any more cars or some other financial calamity happens, I am hoping to have my 2D Chili Pepper Red Black Diamond by mid-October.
  18. 📬 7/20/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    So, hoping no disasters happen this time around so I can actually take possession. Black Diamond, mid package, advanced 4x4.
  19. 🗓️ Bronco Scheduling This Week (April 13) For Specialty Units Only + Current Constraints

    If I remember correctly the supplier went out of business but not 100% sure.
  20. ArrickSports

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Alpha1_Silverback He didn't say only that 10% were going to be 2-Door. My feeling was if it is meant to be it will be.