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  1. Portable Power Station DIY Build -- My Portable Battery System

    Very cool, nice design work. Is the DC-DC setup so that you can basically get max amps for charging possible? It would otherwise seem overcomplicated and overkill to me to be worth it. Then again, my power station is tiny in comparison, so I could see this being useful!
  2. My Black Diamond 2 Years Later

    Is it this? I looked twice but didn't see it on your master list. https://mountains2metal.com/over-head-squatch-basket-fits-2021-ford-bronco/ Looks awesome. I am going to have to order one of those myself. Nice build!
  3. IAG Winch Mount for Modular Bumper + APEX Badland 12k

    Going through this mod with my IAG and a Super winch now. Didn't have to grind the fairlead part thankfully, but I'm curious, what paint did you use on the cut? Did you repaint the whole thing?
  4. Anyone running the IAG winch mount plate for the modular bumper?

    They're not quite the same. That one has different looking frame horn mounts, and those ugly red hooks, and it's $40 more.
  5. Anyone running the IAG winch mount plate for the modular bumper?

    It's definitely not, but I was planning on getting frame horn reinforcements (forget the name of the kit offered by someone on here). It's just weird to me that no one seems to be running this. I can only muster that it's because of the hacking and grinding required for a 12k winch. I might give...
  6. Anyone running the IAG winch mount plate for the modular bumper?

    Strangely, not finding much experience about this winch mount, even though it looks the closest to the Ford Performance winch package mount. The only post I've found is this thread where OP had to take an angle grinder to the thing to make a 12k winch fit. If anyone else out there is running it...
  7. Ordered Toyo Open Country R/T TRAIL tires

    Hey OP, it's been a while! How are you liking these tires?
  8. Ocnorb

    WNY Bronco Group

    @BlinkyLightMgr Would also like to know, I'm in the roc!
  9. Show Us Your Coolers! (Not Fridges)

    Saw the Dometic 33 was a pretty friendly 2-door cooler. Indeed it is! Love everything about this cooler EXCEPT the silly elastic clasp design. If it wasn't for that, it'd be a 10/10 for me.
  10. RC High Winch Mount & Winch Install w/ Control Box Relocation

    This looks really good but, does anyone else notice the misalignment of the winch vs. the ends of the sensor mounts? I feel like every photo has this. My OCD is a nightmare I guess, but it's really bothering me 😂
  11. Modem Not Working - 2 WEEKS NOW!!!! UPDATE NOW ON 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!!

    That's not exactly true unless you have cellular internet at your house. Then they'll be similar.
  12. Carplay / Android auto issues - a survey

    I've had my new '23 2-door w/ 8-inch screen for a couple of weeks now, put over 1k miles on it, 15+ hours of Android Auto. No real problems to report. The biggest issue I have is that Android doesn't offer a setting to disable wireless android auto. I don't want to use it all the time, and it...
  13. 06/12/2023 build week

    I really like CG on the Bronco too. All the colors are pretty rad. I am still wondering if I am going to regret the 2.7 over the 2.3 long term. I just found out about the chunky cross braces underneath on the 2.7 and not super excited about those, also the cam phaser issues....but I figure most...
  14. 06/12/2023 build week

    Oh it's definitely the right color 😄 For me anyhow. It was a really tough choice between that and Eruption Green. And yup, 2dr BD, mid+sas, 2.7. I still haven't seen this specific and exact build out there anywhere although I can't be the only one. can't wait!
  15. 06/12/2023 build week

    Looks like mine's built! Modules populated as well. Not really sure what to do with that information, but I'm hyped!
  16. Bronco Team 2 door.

    :love: more please! I love how this looks so much
  17. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    I read through most pages and was surprised no one said this: the obnoxiously huge keyfob. I don't have a Bronco yet, but test drove one, and was immediately annoyed when the sales guy handed it to me. I'm still struggling to accept that I'll have to carry that dumb thing around and make pocket...
  18. 🗓️ Order bank for new 2023 Bronco orders will open on March 27 according to Ford

    I want to order one, because the exact build I want is a unicorn. I passed up on one that was damn close today, but decided I didn't want to settle. The way you guys talk, I'll never be able to get an order in 🥺
  19. Failed software update, unable to start vehicle!

    Maybe working in IT has ruined me, but the amount of electronics/computer controlled things in the new Bronco definitely concern me. When I get mine, that telematics modem fuse is coming out, and I don't intend on installing any updates unless there is some issue to resolve or new feature that I...