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  1. Error Code P04DB after installing Injen cold air intake

    Same problem, can't install because it will fail emissions here. Thanks to those making this issue known. This appears to be their last post circa July '23 from their account. Folk needing to chase them on status at nearly 12 months in, not feeling very updated 😄
  2. '23 Wildtrak - Installing Sub and Amp

    Yes. The OE wiring gauge is not great with an amp upgrade. Running new power from the engine bay back to the stock location requires pulling a bunch of trim but it's not difficult. Have the mObridge amplifier installed at the stock B&O AMP/DSP location. Using the OE sub enclosure but modified...
  3. KHC Bronco 6G Body Brace

    No issues when removing the hard top. Don't know about a bimini but suspect there would be no interference. The brace does make for a noticeable improvement in the stiffness of the chassis.
  4. 2.7L is very choppy from launch

    I've experienced that. A hesitation. Particularly when turning from a stop with a lite decreasing throttle to a heavier throttle. Happens occasionally. I haven't figured out if it's the vehicle or if it's how I'm feathering it. Turbo lag? Performance tune?
  5. Where does this plug in?

    There are several of these antennas in the vehicle in different locations. PATS utilizes these including the FOB. They're indispensable for the DIY folk. These are part of the service manual (workshop manual). It can be purchased stand-alone or temporary on-line access can be purchased. 72...
  6. Where does this plug in?

    For some reason I don't remember this but note callout (2):
  7. Where does this plug in?

    I don't recall if the driver side rear trim has this but check the removed trim panel for a PATS antenna connector.
  8. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    Either would work. I had used the Permatex myself.
  9. Looking for a MObridge K2 8.1.1 CHANNEL DSP AMPLIFIER forum group

    There are a number of folk here that have the mObridge amplifier installed. Good amp with DSP with enough channels to handle all of the stock driver locations. Once tuned, night and day difference from the B&O set-up. The amp uses the A2B bus which means it is accessing the raw digital audio for...
  10. MIC headliner fell

    Sorry to see this. Any theories? Heat, moisture?
  11. "Vehicle Unblocked" Message on Display Screen

    That could make some sense. Something of a system watchdog. Sub-modules report status back to the watchdog ...wherever it may reside. There may be a delay in the modules that have been updated at subsequent power-on (for housekeeping stuff). The delayed ready status (not-ready) activates the...
  12. $99,000 Saleen Bronco

    Looks like they went to town detailing the paint. The pricing bait and switch scheme is deserving of a throat punch. Good work on whittling them down.
  13. Hope this wasn't a Bronco owner

    And more. The historical underpinnings and how the working class had made a living, how the workforce was treated during those times, the change of culture, migration patterns, and how such places contributed to this country's industrial powerbase, how technology evolved, the impacts of...
  14. Component speaker options with Mobridge DSP/AMP

    In the vehicle that I have, there is a pair of Audiofrog co-axials in the front corners. They also exhibited harshness which varied between the driver and passenger. Tuning was able to tame that. Coaxials on the dash works fine but perhaps they make for more difficult tuning. I feel that many...
  15. 2022 B@O sub upgrade

    For sure. Now with 5 times the number of speakers, multiple amplifiers, and built in adjustable-crossovers, equalizers, delays, etc.
  16. 2022 B@O sub upgrade

    Yes, @Brian_B captured it well. Not too sure how much room you'll have available for both the B&O amp and the kicker amp but there is probably someone on the forum that's done that. If you're planning on doing upgrades over time, consider running heavier gauge power back there to support a...
  17. 2022 B@O sub upgrade

    For the B&O amp + dsp, it does drive multiple channels.
  18. Oil Change Experience

    Agree'd. Replacing the oil drain plug with a valved plug makes for a simple and mess free oil change. For the 2.7, don't even need an oil catch pan. just slide a 2.5 gallon carboy under the vehicle and drop the drain hose into that. Once full, bring carboy with the waste oil in for disposal...
  19. Injen Intake & Charge Pipe installed on 2.7 Bronco

    Thanks. Please keep us up-to-date (Injen really should be doing this proactively). I've had their CAI for nearly a year now and have been waiting for their resolution to this issue as well (because MA emissions will fail with logged codes).