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  1. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    I never took the measurements. I can tell you that each measurement from the mounting holes is different. On my Bronco, the gap on the passenger side, between the winch and bumper is less than a quarter inch. I is too difficult to access to get an official gap measurement installed. On the...
  2. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    Check the measurement to confirm they are the same as the ZXR 9000. If so, yes I have.
  3. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    last one.
  4. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    Here are a couple more with close up of the plastic modifications.
  5. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    Terry, It has been a while since I did the install but I do remember most of it. I can send you some photos if you like. I had the stock bumper (not the modular), and I do not have parking sensors, so it was as basic as you can get. Once I had the bumper off, I noticed there was a plastic...
  6. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    Hello everyone, I recently installed the Lobo WNC front bumper and skid plate on my Big Bend 2.7. It looks great and I am super happy with it. I still need to put in the parking sensor plugs but other than that it is done. I learned that the Badlands zxr 9000 winch fit perfectly. I believe...
  7. Bought NEW '22 Badlands and Having RAMPANT Alarm Issues

    You guys are not alone. My BB Sasquatch is doing the same thing. The alarm goes off multiple times when I first park my bronco after it is warm. It usually goes off 3-4 times and then after about 30 minutes, it is fine. I plan to get it into the dealer next week but I am going to try the 1/4...
  8. California WTB: Front Modular Bumper

    Thank you guys for sharing your opinions about the Lobo bumper. I want to buy one since it is one of the few bumpers that don't stick out far beyond the front of the grill. I talked to the shop and was told the winch location was designed to fit the Warn VR EVO 12S winch. In looking at the...
  9. build week 10/24

    I hope everyone on this thread has received their bronco. It was a long haul for all of us. I wanted to share a couple mods I did in my first week of having it. I did the script emblem with heritage style stripes and a barricade rock rail.
  10. Modular front bumper OEM winch plate rear steel bumper for sale

    That front bumper is exactly what I am looking for. I wonder how much it would be to ship to California???
  11. build week 10/24

    I'm super stoked!!!! My bronco showed up at the dealer this afternoon after sitting in the railyard for a week. I'm picking it up tomorrow evening. I had to drive by the dealer to confirm and take a photo... rock rails and other accessories are in the garage waiting...
  12. build week 10/24

    I’m right there with you. My bronco just showed up at its final destination at 3:00 am this morning. It is only 15 miles from my dealer. I sure hope I get it before turkey day. The wait is almost over!
  13. build week 10/24

    Congrat! It is reassurance the California deliveries are trickling in. Enjoy it! Mine is still on the train in Barstow.
  14. build week 10/24

    Thanks. I bet you see yours tomorrow.
  15. build week 10/24

    My blend date was 10/25 and my bronco is “in transit” status. It is being shipped to San Diego. I’ve been tracking the rail car and it can’t get here soon enough. As of today, it is somewhere in Arizona. I hope it gets here this week. We are excited for the wait to be over! Have other...
  16. build week 10/24

    Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  17. build week 10/24

    Thank you. Is the process the same when calling Union Pacific ?
  18. build week 10/24

    I’m in the same situation. I heard from my dealer that my bronco is also in Gibson IN as it is transferred to another railway. I think it is going to be picked up by Union Pacific. Im not sure if I can track it any further. It is heading to California.
  19. build week 10/24

    Damn! I am 191/1170 on the same date. There must have been a train car ready to go to California. I hope I'm on with you!
  20. build week 10/24

    I'm also in So Cal and my dealer told me today it is scheduled for delivery between 11/12 and 11/18 if there are no transportation holds. The last few they received held true to the delivery estimate. I bet we are on the same train.