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  1. New Bronco Trim Level being revealed?

    If this has already been posted before, please let me know and I'll remove. It looks like Ford may be revealing a new trim level @ the Bronco Off Roadeo Eclipse Party! Anyone have any guesses what it will be? Photo from FordBronco Instagram
  2. DIY Electric Lift for soft top / hardtop for $250

    Ready to go Lifts for hardtops can be very expensive, so I decided to make my own, and I have to say, I am extremely happy with it. I ordered the dual tops for my bronco and needed a place to keep the other one when not in use. The plan is, to keep the soft top on top of the rack. And when it’s...
  3. Painted Modular Front Bumper

    Well, I’ve only had my Bronco for 4 days, and have already started Spray painting it 🤣 Ive always loved the look of the modular bumper on the prototype heritage edition Bronco and thought I would give it a shot. Since mine is Hot Pepper Red, I decided to paint the recovery hooks navy, to match...
  4. Florida 2022 Bronco 4DR Outer Banks - Sasquatch / Lux / Leather

    I have a 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks for sale. Selling for $63,500 OBO. -Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat - 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 Engine - 10-Speed Automatic Transmission -4.7 Axle -Lux Package (314A) - Sasquatch™ Package - Ford Co-Pilot360 - Soft Top, Black Cloth - Tube Step – Powder...

    Hey Everyone! If you have a Bronco order in with Granger Ford, and are one of the 300+ order placers finally getting your Bronco, place your updates here! This will help us get a better idea on how the shipping timing is going, and maybe meet some other Granger fans planning to take delivery...

    What are your thoughts? Would you buy one?!? 🤪
  7. For those who have sold their Bronco already -- what was your experience selling?

    Hello All. I have a Ford Bronco, and love it! My second order is now scheduled and plan to sell my first one. For those who have already sold one, what has your experience been? Did you sell it private party or to a dealer? Were dealers low balling you, or were they fighting to take it off...
  8. On board door storage W/ Soft Top

    Hey everyone. I didn't see this on here before so I thought I would make a post about it. One of my favorite features about the Bronco is being able to store the doors in the back of the bronco. I have two toddlers and am not comfortable having the doors off for the whole drive but would love...
  9. Sterling Ford of Opelousas

    Hey Everyone! I believe when a dealership does a great job, it deserves to be praised. I can not speak high enough of Sterling Ford in Opelousas LA. My experience began when @ZLAMKE came on to the forums and offered a 1 day only sale. I called him up and was able to lock in my offer. During...
  10. Four Door Storage on Soft Top Bronco

    Has anyone stored their 4 doors in the cargo area with a soft top? Is it easy? It looks like the back latch can get in the way... Also, is it possible to do with the soft top down? If anyone has any videos on this, please post
  11. Attended Bronco Experience Event in FL

    I had the opportunity to enjoy the Bronco Experience event today in Wildwood Florida and it was amazing! If any of you receive an invitation to one, I highly recommend it. The experience allows you to bring two guests on a ride-a-long where you will be accompanied by a professional offroad...
  12. '22 Floor Mats Photo Request

    Now that the 2022's are being delivered, does anyone have any pics of the new floormats that came out for the 22MY? I have been curious what is new with them...
  13. VID: Soft Top Weight is 100-103lbs

    Just saw this on YouTube. Soft top looks to weigh about 100lbs... Give or take. Good to know removing alone is not an option...
  14. Find your Order Number

    This question is for anyone who has placed an order WITHOUT a reservation. How were you able to find your order number? Was it emailed to you automatically from ford? Did the dealer provide it to you? Any incite would be appreciated.
  15. Does anyone have the link for order details?

    I know there is a link that can be used to see all the details of your order. Does anyone have it? I'm not finding it.
  16. StreetSpeed717 takes Bronco to a Jeep only event

    Great video! Interesting part about the issue with the bronco towards the end. Anyone else notice the same issue?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I was messaging w/ @noahr and it looks like Mullinax is no longer honoring X-Plan pricing. Unfortunately I could not receive a cut off date from them for when this went into effect. I did however speak to a rep at a local location, and he...
  18. Bronco Raptor Imaged with FORD Grille

    Found this, and that it was interesting? Thoughts? https://www.autoevolution.com/news/2022-ford-bronco-raptor-imagined-with-f-150-raptor-front-grille-169646.html
  19. VIDEO: LiteBrite’s Take on OffRodeo

    Great Video w/ footage that I haven’t seen before when it comes to the Off Rodeo experience.
  20. New Models/Upgrades Coming for 2022/2023 says Levine

    I saw this tweet and am curious, what do you believe will come in 2022/23 that we don’t already know about? Personally, I would love some type of dark blue color back, A/C seats, a rear camera mirror so the soft top/tire doesn’t get in the way. What do you think?