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  1. Optima Yellow Battery (DH7)

    My last AGM battery on my Audi lasted 11 years. I see no reason to use anything else TBH. The battery performed flawlessly during the 11 year period until it died.
  2. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    My Bronco will go belly up in no time if I drive it the way I drive my BMW lol (I do use blinker when driving the BMW in case you are curious). Different car different vibe..
  3. Where to obtain oil/engine temperature; how hot before driving?

    I just fire her up and drive. Normal driving will heat the engine up just fine. Just take it easy until the oil temp is about 160F or so. I can't think of a single reason idling would be good for the engine. I've been doing the same for my other previous/current...
  4. Best short radio antenna

    Won't you be more happy if it's the antenna that's hitting the garage ceiling instead of your vehicle's body? I left out my stock antenna as a indicator for clearance....
  5. 4H/Slippery on Highway

    If the road is covered in snow/ice, 4H is fine, otherwise just 2H.
  6. Ford Performance Tune Dealer Install Issue

    Ford dealers near me are happy to install mine, one of them even encourage me to get one myself because it would take them too long to get the part, this was from the parts guy so I guess he was just lazy lol.
  7. Anyone checked Carvana or Carmax lately?

    You did pretty good. My 2021 BMW 540 with MSRP of $75000 only worth about $35000 now. I don’t care though ;)
  8. Traded in my 2022..

    Just buy another Bronco when babies become kids and want to explore the trails with you
  9. Ford Performance Calibration Tune for 2.7L Bronco's AVAILABLE NOW! - Lethal Performance

    Okay just placed an order for a ProCal so no 2.3 can outrun my 2.7 :)
  10. Ford Performance Tune for WT or should I pass?

    FYI that labor charge is outrageous, esp for AZ. I live in Seattle and my dealer only charges $200 for installation, and they don't care where do you buy the part (ProCal)
  11. Ford Performance Tune for WT or should I pass?

    No and they don't have to, given the increased power output over the whole RPM range.
  12. FPP tuner install King/Snohomish Counties

    FYI evergreen ford can do it for a reasonable price. You are welcome to bring your own ProCal tool as well, they don't care. You can also create your FP account and give them the account name and password and they will do it using your account. And if there are any future update you can update...
  13. Is Ford Extended Warranty worth it?

    Hey somebody can make money in a casino too. But statically speaking the house always win.
  14. Is Ford Extended Warranty worth it?

    If you can afford a major repair on your Bronco it makes no sense to buy any extended warranty. Statistically speaking you will never get your money worth. If it isn't profitable for the seller they will never sell it.. If a major repair of your Bronco would make you go bankrupt then yes buy one.
  15. Borla exhaust or AWE ?

    I don't think even the stock exhaust is limiting performance in anyway. These days these aftermarket exhausts are for sound only. I'd just go with whatever sound you like and has a better price.
  16. What'd you buy on Black Friday / Cyber Monday for your Bronco? 🎁

    Ordered a 2024 x7 m60i, 9% off before loyalty, fleet and bmwcca, about 14K off.
  17. Had a great snow experience with OEM Goodyear tire (Sasquatch)

    For this run I did not, tbh didn't feel the need either, the ride was smooth and traction was good. It could be even better if I aired it down a bit though.
  18. Had a great snow experience with OEM Goodyear tire (Sasquatch)

    It's "Table Mountain Road" in Bronco Trail App. I took these pics at the mountain top, on my way to Lion rock peak, probably at around 6000 ft. I live in Bellevue, always down for a run too!
  19. Had a great snow experience with OEM Goodyear tire (Sasquatch)

    Went to table mountain two days ago. The trail was covered in deep snow, deepest section was probably at 20 inch and I was plowing through using bronco’s belly pan. OEM goodyear tire works great, not a single moment of losing traction, even during hill climb or descent. Sorry didn’t take...
  20. Is this Rust? 2023 Bronco Wildtrak

    Just checked my 2023 WT, on passenger it looks like yours, I’d say it’s oil leak? Driver side is clean.. passenger: driver: It only has 1200 miles (been through two offroad trails and one beach run for surfperching). Drives fine!