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  1. MIC color mismatch warranty claim?

    I remember a thread discussing top colors not matching but could not find it. I just noticed that my drivers panel on my 2dr MIC top is darker than the other panels. Has anyone gone through the trouble of trying to make a warranty claim to get a complete matching top with their dealer
  2. Florida 265/75-16 AT tires on base wheels FS

    I have 5 Kenda Klever AT2 tires 265/75-16 (32x11.00) mounted on stock 16” base wheels available. These are awesome tires. I went bigger to 35”. I mounted them and drove to FL so they have about 3000 miles on them. They ride great and are quiet and balanced up well. Stems are there, just need the...
  3. Nice weld!

    Took off the drivers side top on my 2dr and was greeted with this. Glaringly obvious and a testament to the QC process. Not a big thing but bothersome for sure.
  4. 2021 SEMA build plans down the drain.

    Anyone else have their SEMA build plans scuttled by yesterday’s news? I have a 2dr MT Base built on 7/12 that WAS going in a tire mfrs. booth. Parts are lined up and waiting. Interior, suspension, tires, wheels, bumpers, rails, winch, rear area buildout, etc…. I was hoping to have received it...