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  1. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    For those of you with the Kicker Sub and Key 500.1 upgrade, do you have the Key algorithm on or off? I'm struggling to tell which one I like, even after 6 months of listening and back and forth. Granted, I had the soft top, or topless during those times, but now that I have the hard top back on...
  2. Side decals on 2023 Wildtrak graphic decal peeling off. Anyone else ?

    Yeah, my local dealer, who I love, said that Ford has had many problems with their vinyls. They weren't surprised, and actually found more spots in their inspection where it was peeling. The real kicker is that when I took it in to get fixed, the one side came in already ripped, so they couldn't...
  3. FINALLY! Ford Performance ProCal Calibrations for 2023 Bronco model year (2.3 and 2.7) are LIVE!!

    No, not to install the tune. You just need some sort of internet connection to your PC to download the tune.
  4. Ford Performance Calibration Tune for 2.7L Bronco's AVAILABLE NOW! - Lethal Performance

    Hoping I can get a little help. '23 WT, followed all directions, plug into PC, then car, and back into PC, log into the FPP site, etc. But, it downloads the tune, asks me about an upgraded FDU, and no matter which I choose, yes or no, it give me an error "Calibration not found (err 1). Contact...
  5. FINALLY! Ford Performance ProCal Calibrations for 2023 Bronco model year (2.3 and 2.7) are LIVE!!

    When connecting to the FPP site, it downloads the performance tune, asks me if I have an upgraded front end unit, I click yes/no, and then it gives me an error "Calibration not found (err 1). Contact your dealer." Any ideas anyone?
  6. Why I wish I installed Ford Performance ProCal Tune on my 2.7 Bronco sooner

    FINALLY!!!!! Bought a tuner on Black Friday, so only a 5month wait. Haha. and 4 months of ownership. Can't wait!!!!
  7. B&O Speakers Upgraded in 2022 Bronco

    @STING555 Which wires did you use off the factory sub to provide the signal for the Key Amp? That's where I am hung up.
  8. Side decals on 2023 Wildtrak graphic decal peeling off. Anyone else ?

    I’ve had my ‘23 WildTrak since mid December, and the side graphics have peeled off on one side, and beginning to peel off on the other side. This is kind of shocking to me. Anyone else having the same issue ? Fixes ? I know I need to get it warranties, but I’m also tempted to just peel them...
  9. What do you think is the rarest combination so far?

    Want to say a '23 Fully loaded anything, especially WildTrak. But the production year isn't over yet
  10. 💰 Official: $2500 Order Modification Offer to Wildtrak Customers (switch trims) and Non-Wildtrak Customers (modify order to remove constraints)

    Anyone want to buy a '23 WT Lux for sticker plus 6% state sales tax? But seriously, Kind of glad I got my order in just before all this happened, I feel bad for everyone still waiting. This launch just keeps getting worse and worse.
  11. Our Dangerous "Advanced" Bronco Wipers

    I thought I was going crazy driving home in a rain storm. It kept doing the same thing... Almost as bad as my F150 that will randomly wipe a clean, dry, windshield when on auto.
  12. Bronco Raptor VS Jeep 392 (HEAVILY modified) ... a close look at interior and exterior dimensons

    They really don't decide, and say they simply take the one with the most gas. Basically, big ole boys take the raptor (size does matter for some of us), jeep people take the jeep.
  13. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    I accept the nomination... I was surprised by the plates that were already claimed in Michigan. Some I thought there would be no way someone had already gotten. But this one, I love it!!!
  14. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    Plate came in ….
  15. 12/12/2022 build week with spreadsheet

    Just got my assembly line picture too. Weird seeing it without the graphics...
  16. Attending any Bronco events this year?

    Sort of Bronco - WinterFest at Holly Oaks, Jan 21 Bronco Off-Roadeo - New Hampshire - June
  17. 12/12/2022 build week with spreadsheet

    So far its been great. The hard top is maintaining temps with heat on in the cold, to where I am actually opening windows to cool off a bit. No wind or other excessive noises with the top. Snow, mud, ice, handles great. My moms been with me 2-tracking, and been like, "Damn, we're going to get...