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  1. 6/19/23 Build week

    DELIVERED!! 🥳😍 took 1 day to get ship and delivered! Area 51 4x4, BL 2.7 MIC, LUX, keyless password, removable hoop steps!
  2. 06/12/2023 build week

    I’m use to live near Evansville IN! My bronco delivery date July 2nd from the MI Plant! Driving 12 hours to pick it up!
  3. 6/19/23 Build week

    your vehicle will possible be done Monday
  4. 6/19/23 Build week

    Ford chat told me! 😎 Has not update yet but will ship Monday! I’ll update once it gets ship and delivered
  5. 6/19/23 Build week

    I live 6 hours away from the MI Plant and I’m scheduled via Convoy and suppose to be get delivery of next week
  6. 6/19/23 Build week

    I live in Florida now but purchased it up at Indiana! I heard Convoy is better than rail!
  7. 6/19/23 Build week

    just finished talking to Ford! My ETA Delivery date is estimated to be June 26nd-July 2nd! Ordered: 3/27/2023 Scheduled: June 12th rescheduled :June 19th Blend Date: 6/21 Built: 6/22 ETA delivery: June 26-July 2nd
  8. 6/19/23 Build week

    Good morning to all!! She’s built 😍
  9. 6/19/23 Build week

    We got movement! Hoping to see see a “built” email in the morning!
  10. 6/19/23 Build week

    Same! Should receive a build date tomorrow morning!
  11. 6/19/23 Build week

    Correct! Wait till tomorrow morning and you will get it! That’s where you can see your blend date
  12. 6/19/23 Build week

    Not necessarily, Your Still scheduled the week 28th, you’re going to get your window sticker week before your scheduled for production.
  13. 6/19/23 Build week

    Today is my blend date! 6/21🥳 272/1077
  14. 6/19/23 Build week

  15. 6/19/23 Build week

    My bend date is 6/21 272/1077 hoping it gets ship/delivered early July
  16. 06/12/2023 build week

    Did anyone get their car assembled at the MICHIGAN Plant?
  17. 06/12/2023 build week

    I was debating Area 51 or Red! Red is a popular in Florida! I decided to go with Area 51👀