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  1. Nevada 2022 Bronco Badlands

    Still available. This is an incredible Bronco, I just need to get a truck for now.
  2. Nevada 2022 Bronco Badlands

    Price lowered to $62,500. Thanks for looking.
  3. Nevada 2022 Bronco Badlands

    The listing has been updated.
  4. Nevada Sold: 2022 Bronco Badlands

    2022 Ford Bronco Badlands- 2 door- hardtop • Equipment group 334A- Lux package which includes: Dual zone climate, 12” LCD screen, 360 degree camera, Adaptive cruise control, 10 speaker stereo, Navigation, Heated steering wheel/seats, and Wireless charging pad. • Tow package • Modular front...
  5. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    My 5g pocket angle finder said 18 degrees so I’m sure they are probably 20. My step plate is very functional and is only missing at the ends (approximately 6”)
  6. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    The angle looks very similar. I’ll check and let you know. Those look great by the way!
  7. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    Not sure of the exact angle, but the company just went out of business so not a viable option any longer.
  8. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    From the Shrockworks Facebook account: "After two decades of serving the off-road community, it is with heavy hearts that we announce we have to close our doors. We assure you every other option has been extensively explored. This is the last outcome we ever imagined for the company we have...
  9. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    Anyone else have trouble getting in touch with Shrockworks? It's been a month and I still haven't received the backing plates that weren't included with my order. It took me 3 days to finally talk with someone to let them know that they were missing. I was told they would ship them right out. I...
  10. Nevada Sasquatch Wheels/Tires

    Sorry, they sold awhile ago. I thought I closed this thread.
  11. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    I was able to mount the sliders with the 3 bolts/stick-nuts for now. Will get with Shrockworks on Monday to get the backing plates. Even without that bolt, these things aren't going anywhere! Reading all of the tips and tricks was a huge help (thanks everyone). Here are a few things I tried...
  12. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    Just saw the instructions someone posted earlier in this thread. Looks like I was supposed to receive 2 backing plates. Unfortunately, I did not get those. The picture shows everything I received. Looks like this project is going to be postponed...
  13. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    Ok, just starting on the driver side and the long 5" bolt lines up with a large oval opening which makes me think I should have received some sort of metal plate to use on the back side? If this is correct, I did not receive this plate. Can anyone who has mounted on a 2-door confirm? Thank you.
  14. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    Thanks! About to tackle this on my 2-door. Sliders just showed up yesterday.
  15. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    I can’t tell if it’s the angle of the pictures, but do they look like they could/should be a couple inches longer on each end?
  16. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    Awesome! I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago. Can’t wait to see how they turned out!
  17. New Rock Sliders - Shrockworks

    post up some pics! Been waiting to see the 2-door version!
  18. Does the 2-Door actually exist?

    We are out there. Just not nearly as many as the 4-door.
  19. BAMF Tailgate reinforcement

    Here are a few pics of mine with a zero-offset wheel mounted.