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  1. Odometer reading wrong (Facebook find)

    Found this post on Facebook and searched the fourms and didn't see anything. But I just did some math because I've only taken it out 4 times, bought from dealer with 60 miles showing, pretty accurate approx total of my 4 trips was 634 miles + 60 from dealer = 694, my odometer shows 991...
  2. Back hard top window randomly broke

    So I went to go to the store this morning and my garaged broncos back window was blown out. Has anyone seen anything like? I don't even know if this would be something warranty would fix, it's Sunday so I can't call. It looks like it blew outward.
  3. Is the backdoor page updated or am I getting somewhere with my order?

    I noticed a couple days ago that the backdoor link to my order looks different. Is this just a redesign or is it possible I'm about to get scheduled?