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  1. Self Squatch Carbonized Gray OBX. Thanks B6G!! [295/70 Mickey Thompson, 18" Black Rhino, 2" Rough Country Lift]

    Thanks to many that helped get to this point. I bugged a lot of you about specs and I appreciate your responses. @Area51outerbanks and @Southern Girl specifically. Thank you for your the helpful pics on your OBX. Specs 295/70/18 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss. 18” x 9.5 +12 Black Rhino Apache Bronze...
  2. Thank You Granger Ford! And an idea.

    As I type this message, I’m traveling westbound riding shotgun with the love of my life driving our @Granger Ford Bronco home. First comment. Damn that’s a lot of corn!:) Second. Hands down best vehicle purchase experience of my life. Hunter picked us up this morning at 9AM in Grimes right...
  3. Auto Trader Review of OBX Non SAS

    Didn't see this was posted anywhere. If so, feel free to delete @Administrator. This is our family's build down to the color (except MIC) so loved to see it.
  4. That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Found these guys out on errands today. Me: One of these on the Bronco would be cool right? Her: You’re not putting stickers on my Bronco! Me: But it’s Sasquatch! Her: Ya...I get it. It’s a no. What she doesn’t realize is the Stig/MAP is going on it. Not negotiable.:p