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  1. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Good Morning! I was curious if there are any plans to come out with a white wheel option. I have been looking hard for a nice set that don't look like kitchen plates and unfortunately there aren't a lot of white off roading wheels out there. I came across the pic attached and instantly...
  2. New Bronco Trim Level being revealed?

    So either a matte wrap for the raptor, or a new paint would be my guess. Maybe it will look like @MitchellWatts Bronco Raptor 😉
  3. New Bronco Trim Level being revealed?

    If this has already been posted before, please let me know and I'll remove. It looks like Ford may be revealing a new trim level @ the Bronco Off Roadeo Eclipse Party! Anyone have any guesses what it will be? Photo from FordBronco Instagram
  4. 💰 [Updated 8/14] Official 2024 Bronco PRICES and Model Changes -- Colors, Trims, Equipment & More

    So, I apologize if this was already answered. Not really in the mood to read 47 pages. 😆 If cloth seats are being discounted, what will the standard heritage come with? Right now, the only option is cloth
  5. KBD fender flares

    Would someone with a 4 dr mind posting pics of the rear door install. Maybe with the door open? Also, has anyone attempted to put the rear doors in the doormats with these installed? Do they still fit in the bags?
  6. Turn Offroad | Aftermarket Hard Top NOW AVAILABLE

    I would love to see a top with the option to pick glass panels like these! Also, (maybe a 2.0 version idea) have the option to have the top shipped in the body color of your vehicle so don’t have to go find a paint shop to complete the project. It would be nice if it came ready. Not sure how...
  7. 2nd Annual "Christmas in July" by FL6G sees 96 Bronco turnout!

    This looks like a lot of fun! How do I sign up for next years?
  8. What tire pressure are Sasquatch people running?

    Has anyone completed the chalk test on the Sasquatch tires? What was the result?
  9. Ford Accessories Grab Handles Back In Stock

    Got the grab handles today and installed them immediately. Like I said in my last post, there are two torx but screws on the backside of the handles. When you remove those, you can pop out the handle itself and swap it with your existing one so the trim is the same. I also got those air vent...
  10. DIY Electric Lift for soft top / hardtop for $250

    I have not done it yet, but plan to connect the corners of the roof to the corners of the rack. Will post once I do.
  11. DIY Electric Lift for soft top / hardtop for $250

    I love your thought on the screws. I will defiantly look into securing it better. Thanks
  12. DIY Electric Lift for soft top / hardtop for $250

    Ready to go Lifts for hardtops can be very expensive, so I decided to make my own, and I have to say, I am extremely happy with it. I ordered the dual tops for my bronco and needed a place to keep the other one when not in use. The plan is, to keep the soft top on top of the rack. And when it’s...
  13. Painted Modular Front Bumper

    Thanks! I’ve considered changing out the color of the bronco letters, however each one that I’ve seen from pics, blue included, seams harder to read from a distance than the white color. I have however considered painting the sides of the letters to give it a little pop. If you look at the...
  14. Ford Accessories Grab Handles Back In Stock

    Ordered the red handles and was scrolling through this chat to see pics. Here are a couple things that I have learned in the past. 1st- If you remove the handles, you will notice that there are screws on the backside that can disassemble all of the different components. You can then take the...
  15. Painted Modular Front Bumper

    It is slightly lighter then the flares and top but the silver skid plate and black bumper make up for it. If I went the same color, it probably wouldn’t have been as noticeable of a contrast. If you want to get an exact match, I recommend taking one of the fender flares into to store with you...
  16. Painted Modular Front Bumper

    Hot Pepper Red. Here are the colors I used
  17. Painted Modular Front Bumper

    It was very easy! Only $30 worth of spray paint and only a few hrs of total labor.