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  1. Anyone go for a cold air intake yet?

    That sir, I don't know, great question though!
  2. Put 20s on my Wildtrak - Now Roast Me

    Wouldn't work well for me but I think it looks great! Also you're not driving a F350 on 6"+ lift with wheels sticking 12" out, so power to you!
  3. Our 2 Door Bronco's Towing Performance

    Thanks! This wasn't a planned setup, it just fell into place. So yes I'm running a weight distribution hitch with 600lb spring bars, the lightest ones I could find for my Curt hitch. It works really well even with the freshwater tank full. The back tire I have a custom hitch and tire mount for...
  4. What's your MPG?

    Definitely all those getting 20mpg and up, either you're running tiny tires or you drive like this...
  5. Eibach Coilovers NOW AVAILABLE!

    How is the sag on these on a 4dr badlands? I'm not looking to max out the lift, I just want about 1.5" over factory front and rear and will replace my perch collar lift. Really torn between Icons and Eibach but I think the progressive setup will be more more comfortable and better suited to my...
  6. Our 2 Door Bronco's Towing Performance

    Hey nice setup! We tow as well, trailer is 17', about 3500lbs fully loaded and 350lbs tongue weight. We use a curt weight distribution hitch which works awesome fully loaded. We're on 37s with the 2.7 and 10spd. Fully loaded with 220lbs of dogs, 350lbs of water, etc, we get 10.5mpg. Without any...
  7. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    Mine just started doing this also, been a year and a half since I've had this and this is the first time it's leaked
  8. Boost gauge change kPA to Psi

    You can change measurement units in the infotainment general settings but then you also get switched to mpgs.
  9. 37s and Lift needed for No rub

    I did zero trimming, RGP perch collar kit (getting replaced asap with coilovers - probably Icon) with 2.25" front and 1.25" rear, am running 0mm offset wheels with 36.8" Mickey tires, and at absolutely max articulation, aired down to less than 18 psi, there is the slightest rubbing sound. My...
  10. Steering rack bushings cheap options and alternatives. Reviews pending!

    All I can say is oh well after reading through 10 pages of this. I got a Bronco early, often wheel alone and with my family so I really took extra precautions to prevent breaking down in the wilderness. I paid the BB tax and for the braces and bushing, it cost about $1k Canadian after arriving...
  11. What's your MPG?

    I've got a Badlands 2.7 SAS on 37's, 16-17mpgs normal driving on 'race' mode with Panda Power module, 9-10mpg towing our lifted 3200lb travel trailer on 'eco' power module setting and Bronco's sport mode. Always 91 octane.
  12. Making my First Edition Bronco mine

    The RC winch mount combined with the high bar looks perfect! I may just have to copycat you. :cool: While I'm not a neon or colored lighting fan myself, yours is a sweet looking rig all in, nicely done!
  13. How to check transmission oil level (no dipstick)? Mileage to change engine and transmission oil?

    Thanks for posting this, I'm wondering how this will be affected by towing a lot. We pull our 3200lb travel trailer a lot so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the transmission and diff fluids.
  14. Eibach Coilovers NOW AVAILABLE!

    I would like a quote on these as well please!
  15. Engine Air Filter replacement, maintenance and aftermarket filters (DIY video)

    Yeah I do this if I don't have a spare handy, but that super fine dust can still get in your engine, especially after you've been disturbing the dust by beating/blowing it out of the filter. Good stop gap measure though.
  16. Engine Air Filter replacement, maintenance and aftermarket filters (DIY video)

    I keep a stack of paper OEM filters on my shelf, all it takes is a dusty road and your filter is needing a replacement. I had to replace my last one after only 5k miles roughly. As cool as K&N and other filter makers are, they are a big pain if you drive a lot of dusty roads, and the oiled ones...
  17. 37" Tires Question... tailgate / spare?

    I have 37s Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T D rated which weigh 80lbs each with 17" x 8.5 Black Rhino Rumble wheels weighing 22lbs each for a total of 102lbs per wheel, all factory hardware otherwise, they fit fine with the third brake light and bumper (sasquatch), and I've been running this setup...
  18. Guys, why the heck does everyone debadge their trim emblems?

    I painted my tailgate badges so they would match better but I like the Badlands badge with the little sasquatch guy, it's a cool little easter egg and fun for the kiddos.
  19. My Bronco MIC hardtop cracked in cold (-11 degrees)

    So I can attest to both that this top has been good in cold weather (down to -45 C) and also not as good in the heat. My hardtop has a few delamination bubbles in the top of the clamshell after last summers heat wave, not very noticeable and no leaks or anything, but I did already bring it in...
  20. Eibach Coilovers - Any First Impressions?

    So I can't give you a concrete answer as to how your alignment will be if you drop it back down. If it was me I would take it in for another front end alignment just to be sure you're not going to put unnecessary wear on tires and joints. It's interesting though that when I did my perch collar...