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  1. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    That's a crazy story but apparently crazy is becoming more common unfortunately. Glad to hear you are ok and you got your truck back.
  2. Rate my detailing plan…

    If it were me I'd consider the following - I've had very good results with the following. The full clay bar, polish and wax is a twice a year process - Spring and Fall. My cars live outside, if they were garaged I could probably get by with once a year. 1. Two bucket wash - Soap bucket with...
  3. Keep your key fobs isolated, folks.... to prevent stolen Bronco

    Is it possible to install an ignition kill switch in broncos with intelligent access?
  4. Washed and waxed - 2023 azure grey big bend

    Two bucket wash with meguiars gold soap. 303 on the hardtop, fender flares, bumpers and trim. Went old school with collinite 845 wax.
  5. Diesel engines

    I have a ‘22 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 3.0 duramax. First diesel and so far I’m very happy with it. Best I’ve seen is 34 mpg highway keeping it under 65 mph. At 75 mph it drops to to around 29 mpg. Only question is longevity but it came with 10yr /100k powertrain so I’m good for a while...
  6. Used ‘23 Big Bend deal or no deal

    Thanks for the replies - when I build the truck using Ford's online tool as optioned MSRP shows a hair over $52k. Looks like the MIC hardtop option jumped in price since this one was built. Also this has the 2.7L and OEM Roof Rack. I think it is probably a fair deal given those things and...
  7. Used ‘23 Big Bend deal or no deal

    Hi all. New member from NY. Wondering if anyone can offer an opinion on pricing for a used ‘23 Big Bend. 3300 miles 4 door Azure grey 2.7L v6 Mid level package 222a MIC hardtop LED signature lighting Powder coated tube step All weather floor liners Keyless entry pad $46500 before...