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  1. Why is Outer Banks so popular?

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  2. ARB Summit Bumper damaged and missing hardware

    Hey I’m taKen del of a Summit ARB on Monday. It’s good ur story came to ur benefit w/ur new bummer. thanks for ur updates hope the installation went better!! eddie
  3. Wiper Replacement?

    I know what you mean, my 2022 Outer Banks back windshield blade misses 1/3 of the windshield… the blade looks ok but that is a crapshoot if I know what a bad one would look like
  4. 2022 Bronco Outer Banks rear wiper blade not making full contact with back glass

    My back wiper blade misses 1/3 of the supposed are it cleaned. Not a big problem but was curious if anyone else has seen this movie. I checked the blade and there were no abnormalities. we only got about 4” of snow but we had ice covered w/ snow and I was shocked at how well the Bronco handled...
  5. Eddie G-man

    Kentuckiana Bronco Club

    DorlanJ hey I went to Oxmoor ford in 2021 and they had 10K markup on all the 3 of the Bronco’s that had in stock one was sold but the other two were there for the taking ( if u had an extra $10K) I ended up going to Jim O’Neal got my Outer Banks a week ago couldn’t be happier
  6. Outer Banks Vehicle Cover?

    Thanks for your data … and your “Tang” is over the top!!
  7. Tow Package?

    Indeed very help thanks for ur data
  8. Outer Banks Vehicle Cover?

    Looks like my Outer Banks will be coming my way in a week or 2 after a year and a few months …. What I would like is information on a how I can purchase a total cover for my new baby !! thanks eg
  9. New 2023MY Bronco dates: Order Guide 9/19, Order Bank (Conversion) 9/28, Last Day to Convert Order 11/21

    Waited over a year for my Outer Banks order and just got my vin # a week ago and feeling like I should tell my sales lady to give me a 2023…. I just want to get my hands on it ASAP!!!
  10. Tow Package?

    Bryan, thanks for ur insight I dropped my toe pac and brush guard and have been waiting ( like everyone else ) since last july2K21. im Going through a Ford Dealer but they don’t know anything about any thing… it’s been quite cemetery. Eddie