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  1. Ambient Temperature Gauge

    It stays wrong for the whole drive. I know what you mean though, when it was working correctly it would read hot initially, but after driving for a few minutes it would adjust down to the correct temp.
  2. Ambient Temperature Gauge

    Do you happen to have the part # handy? If it's that cheap I will probably do it myself as well rather than take it in to the dealer.
  3. Ambient Temperature Gauge

    In the past week or so I have noticed that my temperature gauge is way off. This is the ambient temperature reading that is located just above the tachometer on the main instrument cluster. For example, just now it was reading 105 degrees when it is probably around 75 degrees where I'm at...
  4. Noise over big bumps

    Thank you for this! I was noticing a rattling sound recently underneath the truck when I went over bumps, and so I started searching the forums and came across your post here. Sure enough there was one bolt on the lower part of the bash plate that was almost completely out. It was the loose...
  5. "Flushes" service / maintenance -- Ford's position statement and my opinion (as former technician)

    I have the opposite issue when taking my truck in for service. My dealer does the bare minimum (Oil and filter change) and does not check anything else even though they claim to do a multi-point inspection. Case in point, I took my truck in about 2 weeks ago, no mention from the dealer about...
  6. The time has come

    Out of those two options I would go Black Diamond. As others have said, the washout interior is great, plus the advanced transfer case, and the underbody skid plates. Assuming you will be doing off roading, I think that's the way to go.
  7. Grumpster Bronco took Overall Best of Show

    Gotcha, yea I commute up and down 19 every day. I'm over in the Crystal Beach area. I'll keep an eye out for the grumpster.
  8. Grumpster Bronco took Overall Best of Show

    Congratulations on the big win! You've got a nice rig there. I'm surprised I haven't seen you on the road at some point, apparently we live in the same town.
  9. Stinger tailgate sub installed, Stinger 700w amp install under driver seat with pics, 6.5 Mabett rear Kickers

    The stinger sub is great. It provides really deep, tight bass with no slop at all. It has plenty of power as well. I can't speak to the longevity of it because I haven't had it that long, but no issues to date. Also, it comes with a grille so you don't have to worry about stuff in the trunk...
  10. Stinger tailgate sub installed, Stinger 700w amp install under driver seat with pics, 6.5 Mabett rear Kickers

    I did not do an Amp for the interior speakers. Instead I just selected speakers that have a very high sensitivity rating. I'm not the type of person to blast it to the level that people around the block will hear me. I just play it loud enough that I can hear it clearly even with top down and...
  11. Stinger tailgate sub installed, Stinger 700w amp install under driver seat with pics, 6.5 Mabett rear Kickers

    I did a very similar sound system upgrade. Changed out the 4" speakers front and back with kicker DS series, and put 6.5" JBL GTO's in the kick panels. It needed bass badly so I paid a shop to install the Stinger tailgate sub and a JL 500 watt amp. They put the amp in the cubby space under...
  12. What do you see from your office window?

    Wish I had a window. I'm in a cubicle all day, but at least I know the ride to and from work will always be enjoyable in my steed.
  13. What do you think is the rarest combination so far?

    Basesquatch in Rapid Red. I may be biased though...
  14. White Bronco Raptor w/ vinyl wrapped flares. Rigid 40” light bar & Rigid 4” ditch lights

    The Raptor looks so much better with the color matched flares. Nice job!
  15. Let's see your favorite Bronco picture of 2022 📸

    Took my son off-roading for his 6th birthday. This was my favorite shot from that trip.
  16. What made you pick your trim of Bronco?

    I went with Basesquatch because I knew I wanted to personalize my vehicle, but I also wanted to take it off-road. The SAS package makes it off-road ready straight from the factory, and the base trim offered the lowest cost (so most amount of money saved to put towards customizations). I'm...
  17. A Random Post and a Christmas Miracle - My Bronco Was Located Thanks to Bronco6G

    Wow, that is a great story. Enjoy your new truck, and Merry Christmas!
  18. The Difference Between New Bronco Owners and Everyone Else. So true LOL

    Same here, hahaha! My son always wants dad to pick him up in the Bronco because mom's explorer just isn't cool, lol.
  19. Why does the auto start stop feature bother so many people?

    Apparently you don't commute in stop and go traffic much. The constant shutting down and turning back on every 5 seconds is unnerving and I feel like that can't be good for the mechanical components. It would be so much better if this feature defaulted in the off position and then I could turn...