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  1. 6/12/2023 Build Week

    🚨Starting June build week!🚨 My tracker finally updated scheduling my bronco June 12st! I don’t mind if it gets pushed or pulled dates! Happy happy happy! BL 4 DR, Area 51, 2.7, MIC, LUX🫶
  2. Under preview

    My dealership just called me and told me my BL 4 Door is under “Preview“ with A high chance of being built in June! Is this normal to get or a step in the right direction getting your vehicle built sooner?👀 let me know Bronco Nation (BL 4DR 2.7 lux, hardtop)

    I’ve been reading allot of articles over priority codes and I couldn’t hesitate to call my dealership to lower my priory code from 19 to 15! I ordered my 4Dr Badlands Lux package 3/27 crossing fingers it gets built this or next year! I’m amazed my dealer lowered the priority code just by asking!

    placed my 4-door Badlands Lux packaged on Monday! I’ve been waiting for so long to place a Bronco Order! My dealership told me this or next year it will be built! Priority 19! -Lux Package -hard top -2.7 V7 Engine -hoop step -keyless entry keypad