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  1. Full Tank Range?

    I have 2 door 2.7 Sasquatch, I have owned it for 6 months and when I first got it and filled it with gas the miles until empty gauge would read 345 until empty. Just recently when I fill it up the miles until empty gauge barely reads 300 miles until empty. Has anyone else had this same issue...
  2. DRL issues

    A buddy of mi e has a First Edition and has the same problem out of the same headlight as you. Ford replaced it under warranty.
  3. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    That’s super cool
  4. Removed decal sticker from my Desert Sand Everglades Bronco. Pictures.

    I 100% agree with this statement I think that was an expensive mistake.
  5. Transformation Thursday: Bach Built Offroad Shop Bronco

    I live in Boardman and ha e a Base Sasquatch
  6. Transformation Thursday: Bach Built Offroad Shop Bronco

    I just saw this Bronco the other day in my home town
  7. Who hates their easily “scratchable” Interior?

    Interesting the plastic in my wife’s 2020 CRV is not very durable at all. I wonder if something has changed.
  8. 20 mpg in a Wildtrak

    2 door Sasquatch with 2.7 with 2,700 miles on it I average 20.5 on Shell 93. I do t drive it like a grandpa but I also don’t hot rod it either. Always in normal mode
  9. Ceramic Pro and detailing AMA

    What product should I use to clean and protect the upper door seal on the outside of the door on a 22 Bronco? It has a rubber texture and I would like to coat it just not sure if a plastic coating will work or if I can use a regular paint coating on it? Also what are you using on the hardtops...
  10. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    Same here. I love my 10 speed 2.7 and average 20.3 mpg in normal.
  11. Thoughts on 2.7 fuel economy

    I’m getting 20mpg in my base Sasquatch 2 door 99% around town driving
  12. Oil Change Warning

    Do you have a pic of the Ronin plug installed ? I have one for mine but ha e not changed the oil yet.
  13. Wildtrak console badge in the works?

    Base Sasquatch?
  14. 🛠 1/17/2022 Build week group

    I was in the same exact boat as you after getting tired of waiting for a Bronco awaiting shipment for 3 months I finally got my dealer owner involved he sent the issue up the chain and within a week my Bronco was at the dealer