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  1. Spare tire bump stop fasteners - part number?

    Does anyone know the part number for the spare tire bump stop fasteners? I don’t need the actual bump stops. Just the fasteners to mount them to the tailgate.
  2. Hard top for sale?

    Wanted to see if anyone in the Illinois area is selling their oem hard top. DM me if so. Thank you!
  3. New look!

    Changed up the look on the Bronco. 😀 Here is a before and afters!
  4. Forscan Illinois

    Throwing this one out there again. Anyone in the northern Illinois area that can do some forscan stuff for me on my 2021 Bronco?
  5. FORScan help in Illinois

    Anyone in the northern suburbs with FORScan able to help me out? Looking to remove the double honk and tweak the speakers.
  6. Where to get Wheel Alignment?

    Has anyone had issues going to places like a Firestone for a wheel alignment. I was hoping to get it done at a Firestone cause the have the option of buying a lifetime wheel alignment. They said they can’t do it because their machine doesn’t have the ability to recalibrate the lane assist. I...
  7. Illinois FS: Used Toyo Open Country 35s

    Selling 2 used Toyo Open Country MT tires. 35x12.5x20 $200 for the pair North Suburbs. Local pick up only.
  8. Archaic Raptor Headlights installed

    I just replaced my base headlights with the Archaic bronco headlights. I am super happy with how they turned out. The install was super easy. It was literally unplugging the old ones and plugging in the new ones. They came with an optional adapter so you can switch between white and yellow but...
  9. Code P04F0

    I am getting a code P04F0. Looks like something to do with the EVAP. Has anyone experienced anything with this code. I brought it to the dealer and they said it was because of my K&N CAI. I got the intake installed last year in November and am just getting the code now. I’m pretty sure the...
  10. Not getting any alerts in FordPass app after installing perimeter alarm

    I had a Ford perimeter alarm installed and am not getting any alerts in the ford pass app after testing it a few times. Is there some type of setting that needs to get done?
  11. Forscan in Illinois?

    Anyone in the Illinois northern suburbs that can do a forscan on my bronco for the rear speakers to sound better? Im located in Buffalo Grove
  12. Mileage range after gas fill-up?

    I’m curious too see what you guys are showing when you fill up your broncos. I have a 2.3l four door and it usually says about 310 when I fill up my tank. I feel like that is kind of low.
  13. Offroam phone mount

    If you guys are looking for a phone mount for your bronco check out off roam. I just got mine and I love where it mounts. https://getoffroam.com/products/phone-mount-kit-ford-bronco-2021-present
  14. Painted fender flares and grill gloss black

    Just picked up my my fender flares and grill from the paint shop. Loving the all black look.
  15. WTB hard top

    Hey Guys. I’m located in the Chicagoland are. I’ve been searching for someone selling their hard top for a 4 door. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know. Thanks!
  16. Where to ground in cargo area

    Hey All, I was trying to find a post on this but haven’t found anything. I’m going to be wiring an amp in the cargo area and was wondering where a good place is to put the ground wire. Thanks
  17. Where to buy tailgate replacement strut?

    Does anyone know where I can order a replacement tailgate strut. Hoping to not have to go to through the dealer to order a new one.
  18. Front seat back protector

    Does anyone know of a protector for the back of the front seats. I have a toddler with a car seat in the back and she keeps putting her shoes on the back of the front seat.
  19. New Bronco Owner

    Hello All Thank you for having me. I went from a 2018 BMW X3 M40i to a 2021 Bronco. Excited to see what the Bronco brings. My daughter gives it a thumbs up! 😀