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  1. When can I use 4H??

    To avoid confusion-- the Bronco is not an AWD system but a part time 4WD system --thus there is not a center differential -- it does not allow more than 50 % of the power to the front or rear wheels in 4wd. From there it uses lockers or traction control to limit wheel slippage and enhance...
  2. Mods to Increase Fuel Economy ?

    Yeah I'm not sure everyone gets it--Jeeps and Bronco's are like Powder Sleds-- sure you can ride them on the trail--but they are at home in 3 foot of powder making their own road. Yeah I'm not sure everyone gets it--Jeeps and Bronco's are like Powder Sleds-- sure you can ride them on the...
  3. Mods to Increase Fuel Economy ?

    After reading through this thread it actually baffles me that fuel mileage is actually a concern for a vehicle designed for off road. You have low gears, all terrain tires, a refrigerator box shaped body, removable top, and zero aerodynamics-- fuel mileage is not a consideration at this point...
  4. Bronco Build week 4/29

    Depends where you live--and I live in northern Maine with a lower sat view angle- my reception is OK if I am in a wide open area--but any tree cover, hills , or anything blocking the view to the sky and there was 0 sat reception. Once I took the roof rack off it got better but it is no where...
  5. What is the best way to put Bronco in park

    Just so there is no confusion here--you should never leave a standard in neutral on a hill and rely on the parking brake to hold it there when you are parking. Should be left in lowest gear --and if it is steep enough that could could even be reverse especially if it bumps in 1st.
  6. What is the best way to put Bronco in park

    Being that the 10 speed auto in our rig is a GM/Ford collaboration -- used in every model that has the 10 speed with millions of them out and the fact you do not hear anything about the Pawl failing I do not think that how you put it in park will really matter. On level ground - image this --I...
  7. Material of the Bronco rear quarter panel?

    direct from Ford Authority.com ----maybe this will help Aluminum panels: Hood Front Fenders Rear Fenders Doors Tailgate Steel panels: Frame Floor Sport Tubes/Cage (ultra high-strength steel / Boron steel)
  8. Bronco Build week 4/29

    my was an Everglades with a rotation number of 7290
  9. Double checking on standard ordering paperwork

    As a special order agreement there will be no numbers on it-- since if I understand it correctly --this is the request for them to order and maybe they need to update their paperwork. Since you have the vin--you can just write it on the agreement prior to signing it. Your email and name is...
  10. How many of you are letting your wife have the Bronco?

    wife sure--but youngest daughter--maybe not so quick. When she was in high school she asked if she and her best friend could take the Rubicon and go bird hunting for the day -- I said sure. As she was leaving I asked her if she was all set--she said don't worry about us dad--because I know how...

    as a matter of fact in all the threads from various Ford, Jeep and Audi forums that I am a member of I can honestly say this is the only time I have ever seen mention of "Aunt Jemima" in an auto forum --well done

    where else could a man get a history lesson, music lesson, historical offensive racial slurs lesson, mention aunt Jemima , learn proper etiquette and be informed that it is bad to touch that dude's rigging. I knew it--this thread has it all

    this thread is getting more entertaining the a "when should I change my oil..... or what type of oil should I use" thread. Getting the popcorn and comfy chair.
  14. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    That's exactly why I ditched the 2 ply side wall Goodyears before I took delivery.
  15. What made you choose Bronco over Jeep Wrangler?

    1. The availability of the Everglades model. 2. time for a change 3. I live in the North East so aluminum body panels. 4. more room inside for fat guys 5. more comfortable driving position once again for fat guys 6. Better electronics 7. 13 Rubicon was starting to show it's age --and the...
  16. KR Off-Road A-Pillar Brackets for Everglades Bronco

    If SuperThornbird doesn't take you up on that I will for sure
  17. Roof rack affecting Sirius/XM signal?

    I took the roof rack off my Everglades and it did help. It is still spotty in areas where there is a lot of tree cover-- and it is still not as good as my Rubicon --which also has the antenna inside. I was wondering if some has tried putting a second antenna on the hard top with an unplug able...
  18. KR Off-Road A-Pillar Brackets for Everglades Bronco

    perfect I would definitely be interested in these
  19. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Day 6 just turned 500 miles and it's beginning to come around looking like something I'm driving
  20. Bronco Build week 4/29

    well this is what I get--my truck populates but the bronco--no go. I guess first time for everything. Been like this since build date