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  1. Replacing Goodyear Territory tires

    I ran my factory Sasquatch tires for 1700 miles and couldn’t take it anymore. Those tires threw rocks daily. I changed to BFG TA KO tires are it’s night and day. The new tires rarely throw rocks and are much quieter. Can’t believe ford didn’t use the bfg’s to start with. anyone on the fence...
  2. Which aftermarket exhaust sounds best?

    it is deeper, but still sounds like a v6. It sounds good idling. I haven’t noticed any difference in performance, but maybe I just need to drive it harder. 😀
  3. Trailrecon’s final take on the Bronco

    I said, I did wish he made more bronco content. Obviously that’s past tense, but I’m going out on a limb and say you didn’t get that.
  4. Trailrecon’s final take on the Bronco

    He has a great channel!!! I did wish he made more bronco content.
  5. Just leave beauty ring off?

    Don’t take them off. Lots of people experience the bolts cross treaded from the factory. Two of mine were cross treaded and two of my wheels were silver behind the ring. It was such a pain.
  6. 2023 Badlands Story

    with the 0 offset, do the tires stick outside the fenders? Any side shots showing how much they poke?
  7. 2023 Badlands Story

    Loving your build!!! How much lift did you gain? What offset are your wheels?
  8. Aftermarket brush guard designs

    Looks great. How do you like it? How’s the quality? Do you think it’ll hold up?
  9. Archetype Racing - REDEMPTION

    I hope they’re as amazing as you say. Can’t wait to see.
  10. Archetype Racing - REDEMPTION

    How long did it take to get your script badges? Just seems like mine are taking forever.
  11. New Rigid Lights Installed

    Looks good. How was the install? I have a set I need to put on mine, just trying to find the time. what lights did you put in each position?
  12. Goodyear discount for Bronco owners?

    Goodyear needs to be send Sasquatch owners checks to pay for all the chips and paint repairs. And the new set of non Goodyear tires everybody needs to buy to replace the rock chunkers that come on these broncos
  13. Which aftermarket exhaust sounds best?

    I installed the fast intention’s exhaust this weekend. sounds much better than I was expecting. It’s not loud and had no drone while driving. It’s a little louder than stock but can now hear it when accelerating. it doesn’t sound loud, stupid, and obnoxious. It’s a v6 so I’m glad it’s no...
  14. Lift kit and sway bar links?

    Thanks for the replies. This is just another case of a ford service manager that had no clue what they’re doing
  15. Lift kit and sway bar links?

    it’s just the springs that replace the factory springs. 2.3” lift in front and 1.5 in back. This guy says any bronco lift requires these links. for the people who have lifted theirs, did you need anything extra, like longer sway bar links?
  16. Lift kit and sway bar links?

    I went by my Ford dealership today to ask about putting on my Eibach lift kit. I have the stage one springs that replace the factory springs on the bilstein shocks. The service manager said bronco’s require longer sway bar links when lifting them or it won’t work. I argued with him a little...
  17. Do I need D load rated tires? Or will C do the trick?

    KO2’s. I just the c load range 315/70/17. Same thing they put on the raptor. no idea why Ford didn’t start with these. The factory Goodyear tires are garbage
  18. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I’m still waiting on my script badge. I got an email about a month ago saying it was in production but nothing yet. How long do these things take to make?
  19. Stock Goodyears throwing rocks

    That’ll take me 1-2 years. I’m probably not going to wait that long