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  1. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

    I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you have a wonderful experience and enjoy checking this off your bucket list!
  2. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

    I haven’t been but hoping to go soon! I’ve only heard great things. Have fun!
  3. Making back windshield wiper functional with new MIC top

    Thanks for all the replies! I let them know that the cost would be too much. I know that I use mine often, but I certainly wouldn’t spend a lot of money to have it either. Lol
  4. Making back windshield wiper functional with new MIC top

    Yikes! So it’s safe to say that a dealership can get it done for you, but the cost would be steep.
  5. Making back windshield wiper functional with new MIC top

    Hey all! This isn’t for my Bronco but for a fellow Bronco owner. Their Bronco did not come with the hard top prep package (not sure if that would make a difference), but they had their soft top swapped out with an MIC top. What all needs to be done to make that back wiper functional?
  6. How are your full-length steps to live with?

    Yeah, no high dives..lol. I actually asked my husband to remove them yesterday, until we get the level and bigger tires..but he wasn’t happy with my request. What can I say, I should’ve listened to him and not gotten them! He was right. 😕 My 5 year old does benefit from them, though. But I mean...
  7. How are your full-length steps to live with?

    I regret purchasing my full length IAG steps. I love the quality of them and how solid they are, but I feel they have too much of a lowering effect on my stock Black Diamond. They are necessary for my 5 year old to climb into my Bronco, but they are totally in my way. I’m 5’10, and my husband is...
  8. Legacy Bronco Owners Thread...

    This is mine! ‘70 that my husband and I did a full frame off restoration on. He has a ‘68 Fastback, but the Bronco was my dream vehicle ..so he made it happen. We have a ‘79 in rough shape that needs to be restored, as well.
  9. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

  10. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

  11. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

  12. Howdy From Texas With Bronco Everglades

    I think the Everglades you’re seeing is that of the OP. It is nice. 🙂 I have a BD. Because of when I ordered, I did not have a price certificate. Ford (and B6G 😆) just told me that I qualified and it was up to the dealer to honor it. I feel like you have a stronger case with that certificate...
  13. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

    You’ve already done so much in such little time! I’m BARELY on my way to get tint right now. 😂 Looking good! 👍🏼
  14. Whistling from rear window

    I have the same issue. After looking at both driver side and passenger side, I noticed that the window on the passenger side has the slightest opening when closed (you can’t see it but you can feel it if you run your finger across the top of the window). You can see in the pictures that the part...
  15. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

    @TheJess So true! 🙂
  16. 70&22bronco

    Bronco Babes

    @Billnchristy thanks! I think we should’ve gone with the small steps, but I do like the added protection of these. It’s too bad my husband didn’t want them. Every time he has to get in or out and they’re in his way, he gives me a look..😆
  17. Howdy From Texas With Bronco Everglades

    Oh wow! I can’t imagine having to wait that long! I know a lot of people have, though, so I’m grateful my wait was as short as it was.
  18. The wait is over ... the Bestop SKYRIDER Top is here!!

    Thanks; I appreciate it! I wonder how long they can keep Black Diamond as the name before Ford makes them change it. 🤔🤭😆
  19. Just received a cool Bronco picture

    I got that too! Not gonna lie, but I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t my production line photo. 😆