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  1. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    a few days ago, she told me they'd reach out to gather driver's licenses for covp
  2. Sasquatch before and after 35mm wheel spacers

    Love this look. I’d probably get non sas fender flares to get the same look, rather than wheel spacers. But that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla
  3. I don’t really miss having a truck

    I always had a truck and never used it besides carrying my kayaks and I’d always get so nervous doing any “truck stuff” with them since they were so expensive and new lol I’m with the folks who say they’re just gunna rent a truck when they need one
  4. 2.3L muffler delete [added sound clip]

    Nice! Was the muffler delete too loud/droney?
  5. 2.3L muffler delete [added sound clip]

    @Bronco_joe are you still running this exhaust?
  6. Bronco as good first car?

    bronco is no doubt safer, thats why i sold my wrangler. i'd also imagine the wrangler would be tougher to drive for someone learning.
  7. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    last they shared was that they're expecting 90 allocations for MY23
  8. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    it's dumb tho because my order date is months before his and my build is more basic but im still unscheduled. so i dont think this gives you any idea of where you stand. theres literally zero logic to be used to figure out where you stand, we all just gotta wait
  9. Peak Blue Metallic color spied on Bronco Sport

    looks like a clown car
  10. Production output volume per day of the Bronco?

    lot's of hypotheticals here but if i had to take a guess i'd say at least 7
  11. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    it's tough. i really want my bronco but have been so close to emailing chapman to order a truck, or go buy a CPO truck off a lot right now. trying to hold out for some good news, and i know that right after id buy something else is when id get a build date haha
  12. Temporary paint protection film / tape for Bronco hood (for road trip)?

    i've seen people use masking tape for this. there's automotive paint specific masking tape you can get
  13. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Those methods look so good on these
  14. What MSRP increase ($$) makes you walk?

    im set on the cheapest 4 door, sasquatch, manual trans. Even if bronco prices go up, im most likely still getting mine with how crazy expensive truck prices have become. The Bronco is still the only option for me, unless jeep can make their wranglers safer with side air bags and no paint...
  15. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    i definitely would like this info too. helps the waiting, even if its false hope haha
  16. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    having a list wouldn't answer any of these questions, you could be the next one on the list but still be waiting for months and having orders behind you being fulfilled sooner than yours. I don't think the timestamp list makes sense based on how ford is building broncos. i do share your...
  17. Bronco + Your Daily Driver

    He’s clearly taking about rationalizing a second car to save money on gas lol
  18. Bronco + Your Daily Driver

    100% agree, I’ve never understood the whole buying a second car for the mpg. I can buy a lot of gas for the price of a car, even if it’s $5,000 beater. I’d never go out of my way to buy a second car for the mpg. There’s other good reasons for a second car other than mpg