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  1. 2023 Jeep new color announced: Reign Purple

    My 2023 Challenger. I would buy this color in a Bronco in a flash.
  2. Employee Pricing to Everyone on 2-dr 2023 Broncos - Detroit area dealer.

    Szott Ford in Holly Michigan is offering employee pricing to everyone on 2-dr Broncos. This is where I bought my 2024 HE. email I received today: Spring is here at Szott Ford ! We have plenty of inventory and the deals are getting better. We are pulling people out of leases as early as 12...
  3. What is Ford's answer to the new Jeep Pink Color?

    Ford is reducing it's color offerings. This is what they have for the 2025 Explorer:
  4. New MOD Painted Hardtop Roof Option available starting Job 2

    They should list it that way in the B&P. They call out carburized grey MIC on one, but not the other, when in reality both are carburized grey. The B&P should read MIC w/headliner or MIC without headliner. That would make sense since they are different prices. Also when you select the top...
  5. New MOD Painted Hardtop Roof Option available starting Job 2

    If you look at the B&P you will see a MIC in carburized gray, another Molded-in-color option which I assume is the color of the vehicle, and a painted black MOD top. If you select the non-carburized gray MIC top, the graphic shown has no top. The top options look like they are the same across...
  6. Update: 2024MY Job 2 New Content Changes + 2024 Bronco MSRP Pricing Decrease

    Acquistion fee is for leases only. Destination has been $1895 since last year. I did notice that there is a $750 rebate on the 24's now.
  7. Getting dog into Sas.

    Can you store this behind the driver or passenger seat?
  8. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    Finally! After being stuck in production since 2/5.
  9. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    Why advertise something you can't build? Quality is their problem. This is the 4th model year of the Bronco and they are still having the same issues. My Heritage was built on 2/5 and just delivered to my dealer on 4/4. It sat 2 months at the plant and when I went in to look at it I found chips...
  10. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    Finally! My dealer called me before the tracker was even updated.
  11. Bronco February 2024 Sales & Production: 8,186 Sold / 12,659 Produced

    Including my HE that was built a month ago and still hasn't shipped.
  12. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    My dealer did not require a deposit. The dealers that do usually try to get an un-refundable deposit which forces you to wait for the vehicle or lose your deposit. No dealer needs to charge a deposit on a vehicle they can easily sell to anyone. Mine was built 3 weeks ago and still hasn't...
  13. Jeep is Copying Bronco Heritage Edition

    The big difference between Bronco and Jeep, is Jeep will actually produce it. I'm stiil waiting on my HE for almost a year now.
  14. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    I sent you the wrong link before. You can get your window sticker here: Just enter your vin number at the end of the link. https://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin=
  15. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    That one doesn't work for me either. You should be able to pull the VIN with the other link. They don't issue a new window sticker because of delays.
  16. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    Try this link: https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking/status/?vin=
  17. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    Probably won't be any movement anytime soon because the plants are all shut down Friday 3/29 & Monday 4/1 per UAW contract.
  18. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    I've been SIB since 3/18. I check the dealer website several times a day to see if it has showed up, but no luck. My dealer is in Holly, MI so it will be delivered by truck.
  19. New Bronco Trim Level being revealed?

    Since Ford is having problems building the trim levels they have now, I propose they go down to 2 trim levels. I would call them: 1. Too Expensive 2. Way too Expensive
  20. Installed Garmin DashCam w/ Dongar Power Adapter

    I'm going to try this one. I like the fact that it integrates with all the factory hardware and doesn't attach to the windshield. (If I ever get my bronco) https://www.amazon.com/Fitcamx-Suitable-2021-2024-Recording-G-Sensor/dp/B0CJFR24QZ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8