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  1. Florida Badlands OEM Wheels only (5)

    Still got em, make an offer and come get them $250
  2. Rear bumper flush lighting

    Not too bad at all. Used patience and a drill to cut the corners then a few jigsaw blades later I had a square hole. It was metal. I lined it up with the frame horn as I recall for the wiring and clearance.
  3. Florida FOR SALE, 33" (STD) Fender flares

    I’d love to but I no longer have the Bronco lol
  4. Florida FOR SALE, 33" (STD) Fender flares

    Still got em, $150!
  5. Florida Weathertech cargo liner for 2 door

    Local pickup is preferred, I can roll it up and slide it in a box but you will have to let it flatten. Perfect condition. $50
  6. Florida Badlands OEM Wheels only (5)

  7. Florida Tire Cover for 32" and 33" Bronco logo and flag

    Used, in good shape. Fits 32 and 33" tires. Buyer pays shipping $25
  8. Wireless Apple Carplay is Awful

    I know this post hasn't been commented on in a year but as I am doing my research, my '23 OBX Lux has a serious issue with this. Additionally occasionally the screen locks up (Happened a few times) the dealer said it should send a message "no connection to apim" but they never got any messages...
  9. Wyatt Johnson Ford in Nashville TN

    Man, do I feel your pain. All the ideas from 5 pages of posts do nothing to make you feel better. But sometimes you just gotta do something. There were a number of good ideas. Any local TV news stations care to take it up? Walk in there with a camera crew and see what happens. I hate to...
  10. Florida Sold: Bestop 2 Door Sunrider Premium twill NEW

    This is a new damaged and repaired top. Located in Broward County. PM FOR DETAILS. Asking $500
  11. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    She’s all cleaned. Wash using a soap cannon, clay bar, and Adam’s Graphene coated. The beauty rings off the Squatch wheels are with my powder coater. If anyone needs to know, Prismatic powders makes Red Gold, PMB-4112 is sold as a match to HPR.
  12. Florida KR Off-Road light brackets for Modular bumper pocket

    Replied to your PM, this is still available.
  13. First purchase for the new AMB 2 door: Ranger Raptor wheels

    I have a set coming off if anyone wants, 4 17x8 and one 17x8.5 I used for the spare, southeast Florida!
  14. Florida Take off front plastic bumper

  15. Florida KR Off-Road light brackets for Modular bumper pocket

    How has no one bought them, they're stainless steel!!
  16. Sasquatch rims/tires on Badlands Question

    Out of curiosity, did either of you have to or choose to remove the crash bars for clearance?
  17. Trying to determine poke…

    For what its worth, This post confirmed my getting SAS wheels on my box (Lifted 2") and use my 285's on them. thanks for showing us.
  18. Florida 35’ tires + 17’ Wheel Combo for $4500 OBO

    Where in Florida if still available? Tire Size? Wheel size & offset?
  19. Swapping plastic bumper for Capable Bumper?

    I can just about GUARANTEE that the link you sent is exactly the same one. At $600 buy it, break it down and have it all powder coated. There’s a reason it’s $600 shipped. I got my hands on a capable and added a KR off road double off road kit.
  20. Swapping plastic bumper for Capable Bumper?

    Nope, the bumper studs use the the same frame mounts.