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  1. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    Yes. I got this photo last week! Feel free to say this is a photo of yours.

    Photos are awesome! This looks a lot like mine!
  3. Colorado 2022 Ford Bronco Base Sasquatch. $43,500

    Had a buyer last week that backed out. It's back on market.
  4. Granger/Ford not honoring price protection/private cash offers [after my zip code changed]

    Zach, I'm in this same boat. My 2020 reservation was in my nickname I have used since birth Drew (as in ScoobyDrew - which is short for Andrew - which is my middle name). My given name is different. I get you won't take the risk that Ford doesn't grant the "exception" and I don't expect you...
  5. Colorado 2022 Ford Bronco Base Sasquatch. $43,500

    Proper Photo based on the instructions above. I didn't include the vehicle in the photo with my username and date.
  6. Colorado Sold: 2022 Ford Bronco Base Sasquatch. $43,500

    For sale is my 2022 Ford Bronco, 2-Door Base Sasquatch in A51 w/ 2.3, Automatic, Roof Rails and Switches. Also has IAG mud flaps installed to keep down the rocks from the Sasquatch tires. It has under 5,400 miles and will be driven until sold. It's been a great truck but moving on to a 2 Door...

    I'm a late Grangetober special. Initially 3/31 now pushed to 4/20. Given that I'm in Colorado, 4/20 is not a day to have a truck built......A few years ago, Snoop Dogg had a concert here on 4/20.....I can see inside Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre from my office building, and the pot cloud...
  8. Post your Bomb Cyclone mega snow storm Bronco pics 🌨️ 🌬️

    Here in Colorado, it dropped about 50 degrees in about 3-4 hours Wednesday afternoon/evening then dropped about 3 - 4 inches of snow around my house. Bronco's been a champ thru it. I have Base Sasquatch and I will say that adding the IAG mud flaps and the Goatfab sliders (with the plate on the...
  9. Hood ajar notification while driving down the road?

    I'm having the same issue at 1,500 miles. It's happened before today. Today, its about -5 degrees here in Denver and it's happening a bunch. I was hoping to wait until I needed my first oil change to get it fixed. Did you get a resolution?

    I just ordered for standard bumper. Please confirm That comes with all required hardware I need to install once I drill holes. Thanks
  11. build week 10/24

    Since it's winter, I seek out wintery type drinks. I'm currently enthralled by the Oaxacan Old Fashioned. Make sure to flame the orange peel. I have almost completely stopped drinking beer, even though I love it, it doesn't love me back any more. I'll have a decent IPA every now and again...
  12. build week 10/24

    I'm loving mine. So is my almost 16 year old who is about to get his license. It's helping him become a car nut. He is pointing out every Porsche, Mustang, Bronco, etc. So far I put on a Curt Trailer hitch (no wiring yet - still need to figure out the 7 pin wiring for a base Bronco) and...
  13. build week 10/24

    Holy cow your little guy looks TINY compared to that big ole truck! I'm sure you and your kiddo are going to have a blast in that thing! Congratulations!
  14. build week 10/24

    The more I see the HPR on the Bronco the more I like it. I didn't like it on the Ranger because there was not anything to break up the color. I think the hard top being a different color helps that color immensely. Great looking rig! Enjoy!
  15. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Finally joined the club this weekend!
  16. build week 10/24

    I love wagons. That looks amazing. My car before this was a BMW wagon. If the Bronco had not worked out, I'd be actively seeking an Allroad (the new ones are bad to the bone - I'm glad Audi brought back the bigger wagon) or a Volvo v90 (not the cross country version).
  17. build week 10/24

    Sand at lake mcconaughy was really fine and nice! It’s now on my list to go there and camp and do lake things in the summer!
  18. build week 10/24

    Mine made it home today! I got to test the trail turn assist on the empty sand beaches of lake mcconaughy in Ogallala Nebraska and it was a hoot! I felt like a teenager doing donuts on the sand. My wife got in on the fun too! The 3 hour drive home was a treat!