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  1. What are these things on the left inside cargo space?

    Last one is a PATS sensor. There’s 5 total in the vehicle, they recognize when a key fob is present inside
  2. Carpet removal on the rear seats

    Carpet backing is part of the seat upholstery itself. An upholstery shop could easily replace the carpet with a different material. The cover would need to be completely removed from the seat to facilitate this.
  3. FordPass 5

    Huh. I guess they forgot to bring it back on the Canadian app.
  4. FordPass 5

    Would be nice if they bring back the ability to record service history on it.
  5. Katzkin "Degreez" A/C Seats or alternative?

    I don’t have Degreez in mine personally, but I’ve installed it into 2 other Broncos, and their owners love the system. They both say they work better than OEM ventilated seats. Keep in mind with the price, that would also include a new Katzkin leather interior along with the ventilated seats...
  6. What’s your pick for Modular bumper fog lights?

    The set I have: DD7178 https://www.diodedynamics.com/stage-series-fog-pocket-kit-for-2021-2023-ford-bronco-w-steel-bumper.html
  7. Door Panel & Center console plastic delete?

    Correct. I work in the upholstery trade so I have the experience and tools available to do this sort of thing.
  8. Door Panel & Center console plastic delete?

    This is what I did in mine. I covered the upper door panel insert and the armrest to match. It seems though that you’re looking to have the entire door panel wrapped. It’s not impossible, but would be very difficult/time consuming, and thus expensive to have it done right. There was one at SEMA...
  9. How many miles?

    70,000 (km) in a little over 2 years on mine
  10. Cybertruck Next To Bronco

    At least they managed to wedge it between the lines
  11. Any mountain pics?

    Jesmond Fire Lookout, Cariboo region of BC
  12. Our current project Cigars & AR's

    Looking forward to seeing the interior. Love me some rich distressed leather.
  13. Mount Woodside Hang Gliding Launch (Harrison Mills, British Columbia)

    Yeah, you keep going a ways past the glider launch. When we went (the day I took this picture) there wasn’t much of a view from the glider launch since we were basically in a cloud. You can also get to the other side of the mountain and get some pretty nice views of Harrison lake.
  14. Not a misanthrope...why I don't like major offroad events.

    100% agree. Larger groups tend to ruin the fun with all the idling you do waiting for everyone else. Largest group run I went with had 40ish vehicles, we did split into 2 groups but that didn’t make much difference. Typically I head out on trails alone, although for more moderate/severe trails I...
  15. Will the 4 Door OEM roof rack fit the 2 Door?

    Yes. They have different part numbers for 2/4 door but they are the same and interchangeable
  16. Spark Knock?

    I think these motors are just noisy overall. Honestly after 2 years I’m still not 100% used to it. Mine makes the same noise when it’s cold out, but always goes away once warm. 65,000km and no issues
  17. Arb air hose fitting failure.

    I would contact ARB, they’d probably replace it for you. I had the little tab that holds the air chuck onto the valve stem fall off on my ARB portable. They replaced the chuck for free no questions asked, even though I initially contacted them to find out where I could buy a replacement.