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  1. Hi from NH! New Wildtrak owner!

    Really beautiful! I have a question about the side slide rail. Is that part of a package, a Ford product, or after market? I am looking for a rail that covers the entire pinch weld and provides a bit of a step to assist climbing into the beast but I don't want a full step nor tube rail.
  2. Michigander ordered a 2024

    Welcome from a fellow Michigander and new Bronco Owner. I managed to find the exact Bronco that I wanted, including color, on a dealer lot where they also honored AZ Plan pricing. Amazing vehicle. Congrats on your order and enjoy!
  3. Michigan former Jeepster

    Thanks for all of the hospitality! I'll get an avatar and some pics quite soon. Still having too much fun just enjoying being part of Team Bronco. I have to keep reminding myself that if I "Wave" at Wranglers, they won't know why! First time I've had power windows and door locks in over a...
  4. Michigan former Jeepster

    Well hello friends! Been driving Wranglers for over 25 years. Decided to consolidate vehicles. Sold my 73 Corvette and got an amazing price for my Jeep JL Unlimited... ...and here I am. After an initial bad dealer experience, I followed my buddy's sage advice and went to his dealer. Great...