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  1. Can anyone help me with this coldstart sound on 2.3L

    I always hear that at start up, many times more than once. Darn engine is always loud for the first couple minutes. I really notice everything as my wife pulls it out from the garage in the morning as I tie my shoes. :) I agree that it's nothing to worry about. May seem out of the norm as many...
  2. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    Rear vents...whether it be tri-zone or dual (front and back).
  3. What have I done!

    Right there with you... its amazing how much civil engineering and contractors can do with these sketches in the real world. The trick is getting them added in the archives for when repairs and demo need to be done. And great job with the upgrades. Have fun out there, I grew up in that area.
  4. My DIY Bronco heritage build: wrapped white top + painted grille & wheel rings + pinstripes

    No worse than what the factory would put out. Plenty of evidence to support that.
  5. Mabett Exclusive Upgrade Soft Top Mesh Sun Shade Available Now!

    How is the 2 door version coming along?
  6. The wait is over ... the Bestop SKYRIDER Top is here!!

    Absolutely...Supertop Squareback is my hope for the future.
  7. Black Friday Sale!

    @Bestop_Team Is there anything in the works for a squareback for 2 Door?
  8. **Sale** Hallmark Ornament

    2021 Ford Bronco 2022 Metal Ornament - Keepsake Ornaments - Hallmark
  9. Bronco 6th gen vs Bronco II

    That's easily the nicest Bronco II I have seen in the last 20 years. Be proud!
  10. Bought used, got history on Bronco

    Tell us a better one.
  11. Bronco Outlets (110V)

    Back of center console on '21 Black Diamond 2 door with Mid package. Haven't tried he 110V (400W), but be aware the USB ports are for power only, and radio will not read them. The front USB's in the center at bottom of dash will power the phone and the radio will read my music USB stick.
  12. Changing/Adding code to door keypad?

    Assuming your keypad came programmed from the dactory and is working with the preset code...there is a paper with instructions for the reset that came with the card that has the factory set code. Procedure may be different than that online link.
  13. Best accessory ever.

    Johnny likes it.
  14. Rattle engine/exhaust rattle

    Mine is like that also, figure it is normal. Good otherwise.
  15. Mabett Exclusive Upgrade Soft Top Mesh Sun Shade Available Now!

    You have an estimate on when a 2 door version may be available?
  16. Mabett Exclusive Upgrade Soft Top Mesh Sun Shade Available Now!

    Think I have seen one with zippers to access the latches.
  17. Ford Performance Calibration Tune for 2.7L Bronco's AVAILABLE NOW! - Lethal Performance

    The dealer would not need to see the device installed. If you felt the need to take in for a driveability issue, it most likely has DTC- which has plenty of accompanying info for diagnosis- which can reveal non factory parameters at the time of failure. The ECM will know if there is an issue...
  18. Broncover 2 door is NOW AVAILABLE!

    Right on. I usually get rain abut 4 times a year for 20 minutes. :) Thank you
  19. Broncover 2 door is NOW AVAILABLE!

    Can this be used easily with the bimini top? Or do I need to undo the back of the bimini to use the pole, or do I not need the pole if the bimini is installed? Thank you