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  1. I accidentally set a Bronco record on The Staircase at Hell's Revenge in Moab

    Great video thanks for sharing 😎 I am always amazed at GoPro quality 🤩
  2. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    I fully agree the testing automotive industry is extremely diligent. This is a designed failure
  3. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    True however especially in this case Ford gave Bilstein an opportunity to promote their brand recognition probably more than any other option on the Bronco. They employed a visual factor of seeing the shocks through the front bumper. We expected a more rugged suspension. And a few years later we...
  4. Bronco build quality

    My dive suit seats are so cool, I think some more metal glass filed plastic and carbon fiber would bring a much more rugged and higher quality look. It’s not difficult and they know how to achieve they just don’t…lowest bidder 🫠
  5. Bronco build quality

    Checks every box and no other vehicle comes close soft top manual transmission 4x4 love my Bronco just don’t want to spend so much time at the dealership…up to 9 times in 2.5years all covered.
  6. Bronco build quality

    I’ve had my Bronco since 21 and I’m terrified of not being covered definitely getting the extended warranty…wait was that the plan all along 😱
  7. Any Carbonized Gray grille (e.g. Everglades) with "Ford" lettering?

    Love this look nicely done 😎
  8. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    Let’s be clear this is not Fords fault Bilstein built a n inferior product!!!!
  9. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    I hope Ford holds them accountable!!!
  10. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    Some of us upgraded our purchase to get the “quality suspension “ by Bilstein yet nothing 😡
  11. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    Strange that we haven’t heard from Bilstein yet over 7K views and nothing….
  12. Correct locations for factory fender emblems?

    Question for G6 if you have a badlands non Sasquatch and you buy the tires do you change the emblem????????
  13. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    I’m going with what ever Ford gives me under warranty #cheap
  14. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    From this thread looks like Fox or wait for the new Bilstine also have heard Tough Dog is good as well 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. A Taste of the Rubicon

    Let me know when those tires have a litter I would love to get some 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
  16. Anyone seeing carwash scratches?

    I don’t know about the absolutes in this thread. I get car wash everyday ( my zen time. ) Area 51 2022 Badlands 20+ carwashes a month! I feel the car wash place you choose and your color are variables. Shout out to Hoffman car wash !
  17. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    Thanks I think I’ll try for both back shocks make it through this winter and get the Fox hoss this spring 🫡