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  1. Pre-Collision Assist is a Menace

    Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. I'm guessing that more of you need this feature than you think.
  2. Is the Bronco wave a thing?

    Bronco owners are more arrogant than Corvette owners. It is too socially dependent for them to wave.
  3. Will Bronco hold resale value like Jeep JL? Amazing numbers.

    You paid $42K for a Sport? And then sold after just 3 months? I mean you bought high and sold low. Jeep Wrangler resale in wasn't a "myth" for me. I had a 2018 JL Unlimited Sport. My 3rd Wrangler in over 25 years. Manual everything. Zero mods. I paid a bit under $35K. I drove it for...
  4. Help! Dealer refusing to transfer title

    Why does this feel like we aren't getting the full story? OP has stated that they have provided documentation, but that the Dealer has asked for proof of employment. What EXACTLY is the dealer disputing? The OP claims that they just "know" that the Dealer is going to ask for more money... but...
  5. Interesting Orange Bronco sighting at the body shop today.

    Minor Altercation? That qualifies as assault! Just kidding. Cool project. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Need help picking color!

    I feel like the green is dark enough that it won't look trendy in a couple of years. It is close enough to British Racing Green or Emerald that it will age nicely and not go the route of all my teal T-Shirts from the 80s. The Silver is nice, but perhaps too basic for my taste. No pop. For...
  7. Where the hell is my VIN?! Missing Windshield VIN

    I would put this in the category of "Potentially VERY Poor Advice" Just guessing, but I'd assume that fabricating a VIN Tag (even with good intention to replace a lost Tag) could be considered forging an official ID Tag. Sort of like making your own license plate to replace a damaged or lost...
  8. Where the hell is my VIN?! Missing Windshield VIN

    At the very minimum the guy knew that the window VIN was missing. No way he bought, sold, and insured a vehicle and never noticed the missing tag. So, go back to him and ask what is going on, could solve a ton of needless worrying. Of course, then the armchair sleuths and suspense novel fans...
  9. 30 degree weather caused GOAT to fail to select

    30 degrees is nothing. None of your fluids are anywhere near compromised. Even if there was some sort of ice from dew or frost or other source, I can't see 30 degree ice (if it even exists) being a mechanical barrier.
  10. Summer Driving in Safari Mode

    I'm a long time Jeep Wrangler and other convertible vehicles owner. I've had various open back, soft top, T-Top, and hard top configurations. My job used to require me to travel nearly 100% Many times I returned to my vehicle to find that someone had been rifling through the interior. I...
  11. Summer Driving in Safari Mode

    And here I thought "Safari Mode" was some sort of GOAT setting I'd never seen.
  12. Keep my 2024 order or get near identical 2023 at list - $1000?

    Bird in the hand indeed. In September I sold my Corvette and Jeep JL. Money in hand, we went to our closest dealer. The salesperson tried to get me to pay WAY over MSRP on the one vehicle they would show me (they had others on the lot but would only show me one - Black Badlands Sasquatch...
  13. Optima Yellow Battery (DH7)

    9 years ago I bought a 1973 Corvette to kinda reward myself for surviving open heart surgery. Battery was end of life, so I bought a Red Top. I kept the Vette in an unheated garage during Michigan Winters. I'd use the trickle charge when I remembered. Every time I turned the ignition, it...
  14. Happy with BRONCO!

    I love this vehicle. Coming from over 25 years of Wranglers (TJ JK JL), there isn't a single thing that isn't and upgrade for me. Other than two small rattles, I've had zero issues and my fit/finish is perfect. Looking forward to some snow. Glad my wife forced me to get my Bronco.
  15. Honest reviews and build quality?

    I'm in the process of writing an "Official" First Tank (probably gonna procrastinate long enough to make it first 1,000 miles) Review, but here are my off the top of my head impressions. I am coming from a background of being a long term (>25 years) Jeep owner (TJ, JK, JL). Also had a Range...