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  1. Okay, let's see them. Your favorite picture for 2023!

    Moab, UT Start of White Rim North Cascades, WA
  2. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    32 4 door family plus I like the four door better at high speeds!
  3. Put on my snow shoes for the winter

    Maybe this is a good idea but personally I’m way too cheap to buy a second set. I’ll drive stock tires for another 20k miles and replace at 33k. Works in the mountains and the snow well! That being said your bronco not for me but looks absolutely stunning and beautiful!
  4. Quitefrankly

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Looks like a blast man! Hoping to get to mt hood soon
  5. 2 years, 13k miles later

    Almost one year 12k miles and I feel pretty similar to you. Hopefully I can keep it long term through good care and maintenance. Some scratches in the trunk from my golden but overall not much wear. I do feel like I need to tighten the doors sometimes as they don’t close perfectly the first...
  6. '23 4dr Bronco Wildtrak OW (daily driver and very mild build path)

    Your build looks great, but your knowledge and life looks even better. Congrats bro, enjoy the sick ride!
  7. Wildtrak - Has anyone tried to get rid of the sandstone DASH and interior?

    really happy with these seats, holding up strong oneyear in. Katzkin leather double diamond stitch white thread and black seat. Katzkin has plenty of options and honestly easy to maintain. Youcan have a reputable shop do it for you and order for you in your area.
  8. Decision to make: Wildtrak vs Outer Banks

    If you can get Wildtrak 23 MSRP there is no point to buy anything else than a Raptor or a Base Bronco 2d Manual. Both are vastly different and the raptor is really above and beyond what normal people need. The Hoss 3.0 is better for DD and hasn't had any problems 10k miles. Just terrible gas...
  9. Ford Performance Calibration issues for 2023 Broncos (temporary download issues with calibration)

    Significant difference three months with and three months without. Feel it’s not worth unless you want the power for premium and diy. Dealers charge 500 for a five min flash…
  10. Wildtrak flare removal question

    They are pretty brittle but once you untwist them they can yank right out. I was nervous too as it was my first mod to any vehicle lol - I've since learned alot from just having this car for 6 months!
  11. Should I trade my 23 Wildtrak in for a 21 First Edition

    No x 1000. Wildtrak is better outside of paint in every other feature.
  12. 2023 Wildtrak Exhaust Note different than 2022

    The tune changed the normal gear changes and sounds a bit but I don’t think it’s a huge difference. Still worth it though in dividends if you already ran premium.
  13. New Member - Wildtrak on order

    Lucky I got the subwoofer before the 23 discontinued them. It's not bad for someone who isn't jamming their music above 12 Volume. Happy with the purchase overall - although the hardtop can be easily messed up if you aren't careful.
  14. Ford Performance Tune Memorial Day sales??

    Second best mod for me so far out of like 10 for my 23 Wildtrak. Significantly better Gas Mileage with Tune and Premium Gas 14.5 to 17.5 don't drive it differently at all. Also Normal feels good now and no gear drags on gear 3-6 make my life easier in a hilly place like Seattle. DV8 2021-2023...
  15. Show Us Your Coolers! (Not Fridges)

    That’s awesome that you have such a long lasting cooler! This is my first one ever so I went with an Rtic 45 and hopefully will have stories like you in 20 years. This vehicle has been pushing me to live my best life already, price pretty much is invaluable.
  16. Show Us Your Coolers! (Not Fridges)

    Stickers fall off due to sheer heat sometimes but the cooler is wonderful!
  17. Quitefrankly

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Checking out Columbia gorge hiking with my Golden this weekend at dog mountain. Hope you have a good memorial weekend! Edit: dog mountain requires permits -.- o well we did Olympic mountain instead!
  18. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    The four door is probably better in all aspects outside mpg. More room for all types of gear, handles better at 80-100 on the highway, can fit my kid and in-laws, can hold two 80 pd Goldens in the trunk comfortably. It also sleeps better with the two middle seats down on long overland trips...
  19. KC Flex Era 4 or 3's for the Bronco and why?

    I like the flex era 4 but honestly I rarely use them off roading. They are bright as hell, and honestly normal brights and fog get it done. Happy with them tho
  20. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Moab with the boys! Friendly area with plenty of tourists enjoying the epic area for adventuring out. No problems, however likely need a suspension check after a few whoops! Bucket list hope to be back in a few years.