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  1. Colorado Sold: 2022 Ford Bronco Base Sasquatch. $43,500

    For sale is my 2022 Ford Bronco, 2-Door Base Sasquatch in A51 w/ 2.3, Automatic, Roof Rails and Switches. Also has IAG mud flaps installed to keep down the rocks from the Sasquatch tires. It has under 5,400 miles and will be driven until sold. It's been a great truck but moving on to a 2 Door...
  2. Fly Fishing Thread

    I saw in another thread that we should start a fly fishing thread. So here it is. I did a search and didn't find a specific thread. If there is, this thread can be merged into it by whoever does those things. Where will you take your Bronco to fish? Since this is an open forum, please be...
  3. Would you rather?

    In order to lighten it up a bit, let's play "would you rather". Would you rather a base 2 door sasquach (totals about $36,000) OR the scotch in the photo that I saw at Coscto a couple years ago (amazingly it isn't there any more)? Post your "would you rather" ideas!