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  1. BRaptor Trunk Shelf/Basket Options

    AAL shouldn't impact because it mounts to the roll cage.
  2. Is there a way to make the DRL's stay on all the time?

    Would be great if we could have someone 3d print a new clear cap.
  3. NEW Ford Performance CARBON FIBER for your Bronco Raptor!

    Received my second one at the end of last week but unfortunately there were similar issues to the first (Cracking and flaking clear coat). The first one had a similar issue in almost the same spot. Lethal was great with getting me a replacement for the first. Interestingly the box doesn't look...
  4. BRaptor Trunk Shelf/Basket Options

    To clarify - the full rails came with - the half rail I had to request because it's not listed on their site.
  5. BRaptor Trunk Shelf/Basket Options

    Came with. I ordered this one: https://americanadventurelab.com/product/ford-bronco-mass-adjustable-height-cargo-shelf/
  6. BRaptor Trunk Shelf/Basket Options

    I have the AAL one and its great. Absolutely rock solid. The mounting point for the Raptor is slightly different than what the website shows for the standard Bronco. It doesn't clamp around the bar but instead replaces one of the support braces on the roll cage which, in my opinion, is a lot...
  7. Pros/Cons for Hyperco Lift Springs vs. Foutz Lift Collars for 1-2” lift?

    I have the Foutz front leveling kit and its performs and looks great. No differences in ride quality to stock.
  8. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    100% worth it. I do full XPEL on all my vehicles.
  9. Lethal Performance Painted Parts

    I have their door handles on my Raptor and they look great. Was a bit of a lead time but glad I waited. Gloss black mirrors I pulled off my Wildtrak before trading in.
  10. 360 camera, possible to turn on without being in reverse?

    Is there a good bronco specific install guide for this floating around? Didn't know that this existed..
  11. Mabbett interior lights staying on all the time

    Try dimming then turning back up your cluster brightness. THen open/close the door. That usually resets it for me.
  12. S&B Cold Air Intake - Raptor Edition

    For those with this installed - any noticeable increase to turbo noise?
  13. Rosalieee Build Thread

    The skid was powder coated, black and the plastic piece was painted black by a body shop. I can find out the specific color they used that would be helpful. Looks great.
  14. 🔦 Product Spotlight 🔦 LED CARGO LIGHT FOR 2021-2024 FORD BRONCO

    I used this too. Plan to pop the cover off and replace with the Oracle version.
  15. Rosalieee Build Thread

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  16. Rosalieee Build Thread

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  17. Rosalieee Build Thread

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