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  1. What's with people trying to turn Bronco Wildtrak into lifted rock crawler???

    My guess is that they built it like a race car for high speed desert running? But it's also the top trim (on the standard lineup) with the most luxury features so imo they missed the mark on that decision.
  2. What's with people trying to turn Bronco Wildtrak into lifted rock crawler???

    Yup, I couldn't believe it either when I saw my Bronco next to the others I was offroading with. And that fact that you didn't know either proves that Ford has done a shit job of communicating it. Here are some threads with proof...
  3. What's with people trying to turn Bronco Wildtrak into lifted rock crawler???

    This is a pretty dumb thread but heck, I’ll put in my two cents because I’m one of the people who lifted my Wildtrak. 1. I had a 2021 Wildtrak, it was leveled from the factory and looked great. That vehicle was totaled so I rushed into replacing it with another Wildtrak. I didn’t notice until a...
  4. Soft Top <--> Hard Top Swap : Tips & Lessons Learned - UPDATED

    Does anyone know if we are purchsing the C pillar panels to lock int he soft top windows, if the 3 bolts per side panel are already on the Bronco with the hard top or if they need to be ordered as well? If they need to be ordered, does anyone know the part number for the bolts? To be extra...
  5. Bronco Raptor on 39s

    Good job, this looks more proportional than the 37s
  6. Cervini Stalker Hood

    Does the hood look goofy on a squatch or does it look just right? I was thinking a lift with bigger tires might be needed to make it look right, anyone have a head on and level side angle view?
  7. Zone Offroad 2.25” Adventure Series Lift - anyone install on 2023 Wildtrak?

    It's not rubbing, the little metal weight that sticks out on the back of the rim clips the strut skid if you choose to option the kit with it. If you option the kit without the skid plate it probably is fine.
  8. HOSS 3.0 Wlidtrack Leveling?

    Yes, this thread should have all the info you need about your Wildtrak and the best way to level it like all the other trims: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/zone-offroad-2-25%E2%80%9D-adventure-series-lift-anyone-install-on-2023-wildtrak.87879/

    You’re not the bad guy, people can be ass holes. I make it a point to acknowledge every other Bronco driver I see in public and some of them don’t acknowledge me back. I say to myself “oh well”, and move on. Some people don’t respond to basic human decency, but it’s a pretty common problem these...

    nope, just offering an objective opinion. Also, a-holes being called out to themselves is likely much more productive than coming to a forum to call them out when they aren’t around to hear it.

    Right, I take my Bronco offroading, it has scratches all over the wheels from the rocks and some scratches from branches on the hard top. I STILL clean it by hand and reapply ceramic coat so WHEN I DO GO TO THE MALL it looks good. ;-)

    That's right, that's NOT what happened. I read the post, the OP reached out with intent to touch the Bronco, the other guy had an issue. Why is my example a stretch, because I disagree? Insert any other "my property, my choice" example here. I agree the other guy is an A-hole. But are we really...

    I mean, just because my Bronco is parked int he parking lot doesn't give other people permission to touch it. When you bring your car to the dealer, you're accepting that employees of the dealership will be touching the vehicle, not random strangers int he parking lot. I'm certainly not...

    So you wouldn’t mind if I walked up to your house and opened and closed the door, right, or pulled a window down to show someone I’m with how a window works. Even if you were outside watering the lawn and I asked for permission? The other guy is uptight, needlessly so, but it’s his right to...
  15. Tornado crushed Bronco

    Wow, I saw this thumbnail on cbs news’ video on YouTube but none of the shots they showed in the piece were this one.
  16. Body colored Center caps

    FWIW I reached out to these guys about this, they said they don't have the time to do them.
  17. Zone Offroad 2.25” Adventure Series Lift - anyone install on 2023 Wildtrak?

    I've had it a few months now, no issue. When turning at full lock to the left the weight tab on the right wheel scrapes the upper control arm protection panel, so you might want to opt to go without those, or remind the installer to use sticker weights instead.
  18. Rear ended on Sunday :( $20K repair estimate! [Update: TOTALED]

    Also, trust me, what hurts now will hurt forever and get worse down the line. My accident was back in October and I still have issues with my wrists.
  19. Rear ended on Sunday :( $20K repair estimate! [Update: TOTALED]

    Mine was totaled from frame damage. If the airbags deployed and the frame is damaged it'll be totaled.
  20. Turn Signal Issue

    This has been raised before, it’s been an issue in all models since the initial 2021 release. It’s never been fixed or addressed by Ford. I personally gave up trying with my dealer, I’ve had them look more than 5 times and they “can’t reproduce it”. Happened on my ‘21 and happens on my ‘23.