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  1. 2025 Rumors for Braptor?

    I'm sure a v8 powered bronco would top 200k after dealer adm, who knows maybe the 150 R will drop in price then, I'll snap one of those up.
  2. Whipple Tune for Bronco Raptor - Significant Technical Details Revealed

    I just installed the whipple tune last week. I'm really happy with the trans mapping, no more sport mode shifting weirdness in and out of 5th gear....or people looking at me wondering why I'm revving the engine every time I pull up to a light.... good bye sport mode, you're no longer needed...
  3. Ford Performance Tune for Bronco Raptor 3.0 -- still undecided by Ford

    Too little, too late.... I gave up waiting and bought the whipple tune. VERY satisfied with the results.
  4. Do You Use FordPass App?

    I see user data being used for more subtle purposes, companies exchanging your data to target you for $$$$. Although, I used to do penetration testing and used publicly available data to guess peoples passwords and you would be amazed how often I was successful. the lessons here are - read and...
  5. Phone charging pad issues - gets hot and doesn't charge iphone

    I think forescan can do it, you could also take it apart and unplug it but I'm not sure it would be worth the trouble. Unless your mints and sunglasses also get too warm....
  6. Phone charging pad issues - gets hot and doesn't charge iphone

    Known issue since day 1, there's a flash for it but it doesn't do anything. I replaced mine as well, but truth is I use the area for mints and sunglasses and just went back to a cable for the phone.
  7. Do You Use FordPass App?

    I'm an information security professional, I've seen first hand how personal data is misused. Everyone should be aware of what you give up when you agree to give companies unfettered access to your personal information and the consequences. Most people have no clue and don't care because they...
  8. Wind deflector for Bronco Raptor

    Ha! what a great looking truck lol.... yea, no one has noticed that it's a little off and I don't even see it anymore. I think it's helped deflect rocks too....37k no chips or dingers.
  9. Auto stop disabler

    the R button on mine is set to sport mode, off road suspension, sport steering, baja exaust ass off. I use it from time to time but the horrendous downshifting make sport mode unusable for daily driving( I got tired of people looking at me thinking I want to race at every light). This way I...
  10. Do You Use FordPass App?

    If you agree to their terms they OWN all your driving data and they can share or sell it to anyone.
  11. Which Tuner?

    I've been calling ford performance almost every month for 2 years now asking when they'll release the BR tune and still nothing. My patience is just about at an end. I've called and talked to livernois, 5star, and whipple and a few others. All will require you to buy a new unlocked ecu, the...
  12. Report: Ford Performance Tune for Bronco Raptor Arriving Q1 2024

    I look forward to seeing the vid. I got excited for a sec and called them and it sounds like it's quite a process..... send in your pcu and they unlock and flash, you're down for two weeks and $1700. Then, you have to take it to a dealer after to have them re-flash the body modules $$. I'm a...
  13. Delivery postponed due to hail!

    Good Ole Colorado..... THE home of large hail.....
  14. Anyone pulling a Horse Trailer?

    I would use a load leveling hitch, install the brake controller and you should be fine.
  15. Auto stop disabler

    I broke down and paid the ASS tax, it's the only thing that works......
  16. Baja Exhaust Mode

    I've thought about disconnecting the electrical lead to the actuator then manually set the exhaust to baja mode and it would effectively stay on. It may send an alert though.
  17. Wrapped my Bronco, inspired by Jurassic Park Roamer

    Very nice.... well done...... inspiration for the next movie.
  18. raptorusmaximus

    Wisconsin Bronco Club

    where can I find the info?