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  1. How do we get our deposit back??

    Closing the loop on my question.....The dealer waited on hold with Ford three times, and each time the call disconnected after 1 hour. Anyway, the dealer just credited it to the amount I have on deposit for my F250 order. Good enough for me, but how inefficient of a process.
  2. How do we get our deposit back??

    I politely just had this conversation with the New Car Salesman manager. He said he is going to call Ford and confirm, and then call me back with an answer. What bothers me is my salesman didn't know and didn't bother calling me back. I get better information from you (and the internet) then...
  3. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    So are MOD tops pushed to MY23?
  4. bigjwalt

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Did you order from Ciocca in Quakertown? That's who my order is through, but I think I am in MY22 or 23 at this point. Enjoy!!!
  5. bigjwalt

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Still waiting for mine......hoping they arrive today.
  6. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    Right. I feel like the only one who doesn't care when I take delivery. If that's the winter of '22, then I will just park it in the garage until May.
  7. 2.3 vs 2.7 compromise

    That was my logic. I equate it to football....Big people beat little people.
  8. [Dispelled] New Bronco Badlands at dealership lot for retail customer delivery.

    I feel like I am work (healthcare setting) where all we do is speak in acronyms. The first three posts in this thread had 7 acronyms. If your not familiar, you have to be thinking WTF. :) mgv MIC Mid BS mfg OKTB EPA
  9. Introducing Yellowstone - New Color for 2022 Bronco

    Ri Right...WTF??? I thought CO was orange until I saw it next to a school bus. Now CO looks orange compared to Yellowstone (Caterpillar Yellow).
  10. Well I did it. 99'd my 7/13 reservation

    Is that confirmed......Body Color Modular Top? I ordered black, but will change if possible.
  11. Black Diamond 32's vs 33's. How much of a difference?

    I started in the same boat and saw those configurations in person and next to each other (in Doylestown and Nazareth). I walked away thinking the 32" would "probably be just fine." Then I got back to my principles.....I liked the look of the SAS and I refuse to give it up. Don't put yourself...
  12. Broncos scheduling this week 5/20

    That's 3 months earlier then I expected.
  13. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    My dealer flat out told me that. I have the SAS, MIC, Tow, and 2.7........dealer said to expect MY22 delivery sometime next summer.
  14. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    You would think they get some of the low hanging fruit built if they have the parts.
  15. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    I must say...The algorithms and inventory system that pull all of this together must be pretty cool. Would be neat to be the person to tweak these programs.
  16. Panda Motorworks Bronco Render

    That is badass!!!
  17. Carvana Questions

    What are these companies doing with these cars and trucks, just turning around and reselling them?
  18. The gas shortage.

    I have to bite my tongue on this one. So many comments came to mind. :)