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  1. Is the B&O really that bad?

    Full disclosure - 25 years in the military did some serious harm to my ability to hear all I would like to hear, so I will use my wife's opinions as well. Overall, I think the B&O is adequate. Once you upgrade the speakers, add base blockers, and upgrade the rear pods (4" to 6 3/4") it is good...
  2. My B&O speaker upgrade

    Last I did the center speaker. There are a lot of write-ups on removing the trim and getting access. I generally found most people had a harder time with trim removal than me EXCEPT for this trim piece. I got it out, but I could see if I was not careful bad things could have happened. I again...
  3. My B&O speaker upgrade

    For the two dash corner speakers, I think these with the base blockers did a lot. The speakers I bought are 3 ohm speakers (same as the ones the original poster used). This means that a 600 hz base blocker at 3 ohms will kick in at around 900 hz. It is recommended that you cut at 600 hz, so this...
  4. My B&O speaker upgrade

    I finished out all of the speakers except the subwoofer. Overall, without messing with the B&O settings, I am happy. A few notes: Kick Panels - I purchased the speakers from Cruchfield. For the same price as Amazon, I was able to get the speaker connector and the speaker mount. The removal of...
  5. My B&O speaker upgrade

    I bought these as well. Just a word to the wise on these though. The spade connectors on the positive side are not adequate. You will need to solder them on to the speaker connectors if you want to ensure that, as you are off roading, you never loose connection. At this price point I was REALLY...
  6. My B&O speaker upgrade

    My only question is, has anyone adjusted the Lux settings in Forscan? And if so, to what? All the posts I see are for the stock radio, not the B&O like on my First Edition. Thanks in advance!!
  7. My B&O speaker upgrade

    On the speaker pods, I installed the Mabbett rear speaker pods this weekend with Kicker 6.5” speakers. The pods came from Amazon and they had a coupon to ease the $199 price tag. The speakers I used are the same as yours, KICKER 46CSC654 CS-Series CSC65 6.5-Inch (160mm) Coaxial Speakers, 4-Ohm...
  8. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    Great! Congratulations!
  9. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    Looks like the dealer did to you what they did to me, put holes into the car for the license plate. I have ordered my plate frame, but I need to hide the holes. I was thinking about getting some plugs from amazon and painting them cactus grey.
  10. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    Did you have any film protection on your bronco? Thinking about doing my hood and doors (lower half).
  11. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    I am in. Cactus Grey FE will be a good match. If we could get ten in, that would be a good number. Tell me about this “consult”.
  12. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    “Bill” the Bronco is not in my possession! Great first day setting her up and exploring. Just need to get off the road and give her a taste of what she was born to do! That is Murphy in the picture. It is really his Bronco!
  13. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    My First Edition rolled off the truck today. I got to visit her (wanted to make sure she was real! LOL). She is off for wash and prep and I will pick her up tomorrow morning! My first impressions are WORTH THE WAIT!!! Dealership says they have delivered about 10 (all soft tops) so far. Mine is...
  14. rcbickle

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

  15. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Taking delivery of my Bronco, finally, next week. After all the delays, there is no way I am chasing the next “new penny”. I don’t have enough patience to do this all over again…
  16. Newly Produced Broncos Being Shipped with MIC Top 2.0 Ahead of "Dirt Mountain" Replacements?

    Ford, why you are at it, can you check on where mine is? Thanks! I have been asking since July ever so nice but so far have been mushroom farmed. :)
  17. Newly Produced Broncos Being Shipped with MIC Top 2.0 Ahead of "Dirt Mountain" Replacements?

    Knew what? My FE has been at Dirt Mountain since the first week of July for a top. You would think they would be shipping all FEs if that was the case. Good thing I have me F150 still! :)
  18. [ICE MOUNTAIN] - *Badges, Get your Badges* Bronco Top Woes Pick-Me-Ups

    Thanks for doing this! Love it! Keep up the laughter.
  19. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Right there with you!!!