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  1. ‘22 OBX rear brakes toast at 31k

    Hello we had the dreaded hard petal service brake system message pop up. Dealer took care of it in quick order. But called and mentioned the rear brakes were (as he put it a 2). And the needed replaced. I had already ordered a power stop kit I’ve heard some other say the rears wore out quickly...
  2. Rear camera screen buzzes and freezes after soundbar install dealer flash.

    He all, I found one of the sound bars for $100 having just installed the Wolfe box rear view camera I thought heck it’s cheap and easy and the wife had mentioned wanting something to improve the sound. Had a friend with FDRS come over and we did the install for it. Well now the screen freezes...
  3. Michigan Sold: HPR quarter panel passenger

    Anyone have a HPR 4 door passenger quarter panel for sale? Took some damage at Windrock. Would like to not have body filler in the 1/4. And if color match is good maybe not have to visit a body shop.
  4. Anyone go with 5.13 or 5.38 gears on 37’s and still daily the Bronco?

    Hello planning a re gear and adding a locking FDU M210. Just wondering if it’s still decent to drive around as our bronco is still driven daily. How big of a hit to mpg if any. We have the auto transmission. Been on 37’s for 20k miles with no issues on the 4.27 gears. Have ran into multiple...
  5. Ford sway bar disconnect installed on my OBX.

    This install was ridiculously easy. Everything bolts right back in the same place. One wire to ground one wire to an aux. switch. Not pictured because I forgot is the correct badlands skid to protect it. I could have had my son drive a bit farther to get the wheel higher but you get the point...
  6. Ford winch and Auto cruise

    Anyone have the Lux package and ford winch. Does the winch in fact make the auto cruise inoperable? I know the information on the ford performance website claims it is not compatible. Looking for real world experience.
  7. Last day with my Bronco.

    Well it’s a Grimm day for me. Dropping this guy back off at the dealer. Got what I paid for it -taxes. Losing a bit on winch and lift. Going down to one Bronco in the house hold. I’ll look for a badlands probably next year when the market gets back to decent. I just can’t see spending what it...
  8. 1 year anniversary!

    Well it’s been 1 year since I brought my Bronco home and it’s right back where I bought. It getting a tranfser case seal replaced and depending on the dealers offer it might stay there. It’s been a good year almost 10k miles. About $9500 in accessories. both cv halfshafts replaced, front...
  9. Mirror spots change to turn signals.

    EDIT my pictures seem to have gotten out of order 🤷‍♂️ Well ever since I seen the mirror light blink on a product video I had to have them. Thanks to forum members for posting connector diagrams I got this accomplished today. On my ‘21 high package the wiring was already in place on the body...
  10. Any have a broken high or Lux package mirror?

    I’m looking into putting Amber leds inside our mirror lights. Anyone have a broken mirror/factory spot light I can test with? Mainly need to see if the glue will melt like people do with the headlights to take lense off. Otherwise looks like a long and tedious operation.
  11. Just a picture on my way to work.

    Street light going out making almost black light colors.
  12. Side mirrors turn indicators is it a Lux package item?

    Watching a video ad on Facebook and noticed the mirror light blink with the turn indicators. I have a high package and mine do not do this. I messaged the company and they claim it’s nothing they have added. So does this come with the Lux package?
  13. Looking into adding a heated steering wheel.

    As the title says I’m just starting this process and doing some research. Has anyone with the lux package removed the steering column covers or willing to take them off? At a minimum take a picture through the opening on bottom the Column. Looking for a pic with this angle. I took it without...
  14. A little fun today with MichiganBronconclub at Holly Oaks

    A fun day with @MichiganBronconclub at Holly oaks.
  15. High clearance cross member for the 2.7?

    Has anyone heard of a high clearance cross member/K member for the 2.7? Went wheeling this past weekend and they rubbed all over. Barely hit a skid plate because it hangs down so low it hung up on everything. I’d like to find or make a setup that is even or slightly higher than the frame to...
  16. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    The first I’ve seen and a second in this guys post. People that had no intention of keeping them trying to flip. I don’t want one. It it still frustrates me a little. Damn let the guys who want one order the damn things.
  17. Newest Mod for the Bronco

    Came across this on Facebook lol. Boat hatch for the fuel pump. (Credit to Airway Auto Parts) just thought it was half funny half not a bad idea.
  18. Does manual mode give more torque down low?

    Ok so i was messing around in the work parking lot. Trying to see if I can clear 18” vertical surface. In 4lo when I tried I just had nothing flat wouldn’t go. Dropped down to manual and climbed right up? So that’s the question does manual mode enable you to use more torque?
  19. Trick flow 300

    Well guys I got my trick flow 300 in today from Trickydick( TD-Distributing ) wow it’s quieter than I expected. And works awesome! I have video and pics but the short and sweet 14psi to 39psi in 2minutes on my 37x12.50x17 nitto’s. It said 35psi but by the time I walked to the drivers side tire...