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  1. Scape Goat

    Sac Bronco Club

    No longer getting a Bronco. Selling a new in box cargo enclosure. Https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/300-4dr-2021-2023-deluxe-raised-lid-cargo-area-enclosure-nib.61941/
  2. Scape Goat

    Sacramento Bronco Club

    No longer purchasing Bronco. Selling this cargo enclosure to anyone interested. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/300-4dr-2021-2023-deluxe-raised-lid-cargo-area-enclosure-nib.61941/
  3. California $300 4DR 2021-2023 DELUXE RAISED LID CARGO AREA ENCLOSURE *NIB*

    Putting this back up for sale. Not getting a Bronco anytime soon 😭.
  4. Check your tire pressure on delivery - mine were over-inflated

    Do you mind explaining how this test works and what it looks for? I know I have heard of it, but can't remember the specifics. Thank you in advance!
  5. Cybertruck Ordered Why?

    Tesla has their issues *cough* fitment 😜. But their vehicles do perform to the level they state they will. Maybe Cybertruck is the exception, but I like to be optimistic.
  6. 💰 [Updated 8/14] Official 2024 Bronco PRICES and Model Changes -- Colors, Trims, Equipment & More

    Yeah the prices are outrageous. A mid package bronco with manual and dual top is around 58k. That was already getting absurd. Hopefully these additions don't result in another $1,500 price increase across the board. I would probably wait a few years for a used one if that's the case. I hope...
  7. Cybertruck Ordered Why?

    While Cybertruck production ramp up will be slower than other Tesla Models, Tesla will surpass Bronco production within a year for sure. I have a Cybertruck on order (like half the planet). Pending updated pricing I feel it will be a better value than Bronco. However, The Bronco is just badass!
  8. 24MY Order Book Waiting Room

    Anyone feel like Ford is starting to price the Bronco too high? With all the mid-year and model year price changes these things have gotten so much more expensive. I get inflation is a factor, but I don't know. Just seems like the value isn't what it used to be. Still love it.
  9. New Bronco Color Hot Pink

    Am I the only one that thinks the rear fender garnish looks different?
  10. Changing color after getting build week?

    I don't think there is a absolute yes or no answer. I had a vin and schedule week and was able to change color, but only briefly. I was about 6 weeks away from my building week at the time.
  11. New Utah owner here

    Can you travel at freeway speeds with the top like that? I always liked that look.
  12. MT Black Diamond

    I appreciate your boldness to get a manual with minimal experience. People like you will change the world for the better 😉
  13. 4-door Bronco nearly drives into Tijuana Explosion.

    I don't think Ford has a GOAT mode for that.
  14. 🤔 Land Rover Defender Gets Convertible Conversion From Heritage Customs 🤔

    I think it looks great too! Feels like a true safari vehicle.
  15. Feds to up Interest Rates

    I work in automotive. We get notices through our lending when customers file for bankruptcy. We don't see these too often. That said, we received 14 last month. I am going to pass on my bronco that is in production now. I could pay cash if I wanted. But, there is something unfolding in the...
  16. California $300 4DR 2021-2023 DELUXE RAISED LID CARGO AREA ENCLOSURE *NIB*

    It would be pretty expensive to ship. The package is large and heavy. I entered 65lbs for the estimated weight, and it defaults to 90lbs.
  17. Broken mirrors...A kudos to Ford engineering

    Great pictures. Thank you for the step by step. The bronco may have it's issues (like all cars), but you can tell the engineers Gabe this vehicle extra effort.
  18. Badlands vs. Wildtrak

    Badlands on 33's. Still waiting though.