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  1. Bronco 2.3L sudden death on way home from work! ***UPDATE #2***

    I have the same issue occasionally. It mainly happens when entering a blind corner from a tucked in road. Bronco senses your hesitancy and tries to die/stall at the worst possible time. It wants you to commit to a full send.

    In the package, they sent an Allen wrench, washer, screw, adapter, and tube of blue thread locker. In the instructions, it says to use the thread locker on the adapter and turn the shift knob until it’s aligned and wait for it to set.

    I got the factory height ball as I didn’t know if I’d be able to reach the lockout ring with a tall shifter. Is it possible to align it without using the thread locker? I want to be able remove it easily later on. It’s 45 degrees crooked after tightening it. Unrelated, the kerning seems to make...

    T Thank you, I was on a different product page and didn’t see the option https://www.twistedshifterz.com/collections/2021-2022-2023-bronco-6g-7-speed-shifter-custom-shift-knobs-and-adapters/products/2021-2022-2023-bronco-6g-7-speed-bronco-grill-pattern-white-custom-shift-knob-and-adapter

    @Lowcountry Bronco @Brian Koke How did you get the red color? Did you just ask them to print in red instead of black?
  6. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    But then if it’s not in my pocket, when I get home and park in the garage, I’d forget it in the car. I heard somewhere it’ll cause the car battery to drain out if the key is close by, but I haven’t left it in/forgotten it long enough to find out
  7. Ineos grenadier

    On the highway you don’t even notice it. It has a bunch of issues, but steering isn’t one. Reverse camera is quite terrible. Dealer network is sparse. Price is too high. But the drive itself and quality of suspension, engine, and transmission are all amazing. On the other hand, this seat lever...
  8. Delete

    There is no light for the backseat because of the removable roof. What’s the cleanest and easiest way to add a light and wire it to the aux switch?
  9. Seatbelt Delete

    Rear view mirror delete because there is no reason to look back in life
  10. 7mt Transmission Fluid Service @ 1 year/7500mi -- fluid results

    I have a 2014 ford escape with 2.0L eco boost and changed the oil with full synthetic every 10-15k even with multiple cross country towing. It was an enterprise rental car, bought it with 50k miles and has 130k miles now. It’s a sample of 1 but no issues.
  11. Solar Eclipse 10/14 through TX, NM, UT, NV, OR - Trip?

    Happy eclipse day! It’s happening!
  12. Pittsburgh to Utah in my Bronco "Lusitania"

    We were sitting on that ledge at the hells gate. The guide with the cliffhanger rental was spotting a bunch of his customers all first timers and they all came up perfectly without any issues. The next one was a Land Rover being spotted by his friend and it almost tipped over couple times and...
  13. Pittsburgh to Utah in my Bronco "Lusitania"

    Did the loop without any obstacles at 22psi. Helluv’an experience
  14. Installed Aeroskin II Black textured Hood Deflector

    Thank you for the pics Well I wiped it again with just alcohol and then installed it. After I removed the top tape, found that it’s misaligned : ( pried it off and then stuck it again and removed the bottom and side tapes. We’ll see how long the glue lasts!
  15. Installed Aeroskin II Black textured Hood Deflector

    Is it still holding up? After the alcohol wipe, I wiped it with the surface prep pad. The hood became very sticky instantly and the surface prep pad started disintegrating on the hood with white pieces of the pad stuck on to the hood. So I abandoned the install process and cleaned off the hood...
  16. Bug shield hood deflector.

    So I got the aeroskin II from ford accessories. During the install after wiping with the alcohol pad, I wiped it with the surface prep pad. The hood became very sticky instantly and the surface prep pad started disintegrating on the hood with white pieces of the pad stuck on to the hood. So I...