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  1. Leo Kaytes Dealership has a free lifetime power train warranty, has no ADM and accepts the x plan

    $20 PayPal and I’ll swing by the dealership and super glue his hands to his keyboard so he can talk to us.
  2. Which is better for new Bronco: Wrapping, or Painting?

    I’m only a fan of painting if its done right(remove engine/interior for full color change). If your not gonna do that then wrap it
  3. 2.3 with 35 " tires what the highway speed / rpm

    If your doing that you’ll be in boost all the time....don’t do that
  4. Should Ford match the seat color stitching to the trim level, or exterior color of the vehicle?

    I’m sure it will be a option in the configurator when it goes live
  5. Q&A and Pics From Bronco Super Celebration West – Day 2 (by irv0735)

    The test mules will be in the jersey pine barrens in December
  6. Q&A and Pics From Bronco Super Celebration West – Day 2 (by irv0735)

    The airbag reminds me of a go cart foam pad ?
  7. LS swapped Bronco

    I’d rather have a barra swap than a ls swap
  8. What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    My 17’ fusion 2.0. Working on paying it off before trade in time
  9. Bored? Tired? Over it? Interest waning?

    So at reveal I was thrilled and excited for the return of the bronco and put in my reservation the next day. Since then my enthusiasm has fallen off. As much as I’d love a bronco I’m not sure if it’s the right vehicle for me. I don’t think I’d ever use it to it’s full potential or that it’s the...
  10. Mullets

  11. What Color Do You Want to See the Bronco Offered In?

    Ford May be withholding green as a bronco raptor only color ?
  12. Amphibious Bronco option, would you?

    Let’s not and say we didn’t.
  13. BRONCO LED lighting grill or Painted lettering?

    Painted letters. Led grill emblems like what Benz and infinity are doing make me gag