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  1. Used Value Dropping Fast

    Same situation, the price of the hard tops is about the cost of taxes, titles, and fees on a new lease. Even if there was a way to negotiate the residual at the end of my lease, I would still want to need to replace my awful first gen soft top.
  2. Raccoon and mice invade Bronco engine bay

    Dirty Mike and the boys
  3. Used Value Dropping Fast

    32 and change had a deal at invoice which might have been a little less that 40k
  4. Used Value Dropping Fast

    I guess it doesn’t matter too much at this point. Ford set my buyout at the end of my lease if it’s underwater at lease end, it’s not my problem. If my truck wasn’t underwater, I could consider terminating the lease early or buying it out.
  5. Used Value Dropping Fast

    It’s disastrous for people who paid adm and have 84 month loans and need or want to get out of them.
  6. Used Value Dropping Fast

    I appreciate that there are people here that will keep their bronco’s forever and hope to pass it on to family, but the focus of the question is was not meant for that group. As a mass produced vehicle, the vast majority of bronco’s will make it to the used market and eventually the crusher.
  7. Used Value Dropping Fast

    Is yours a two door? Seems like the four door values are doomed.
  8. Used Value Dropping Fast

    Where do you see a base bronco on the ford website? Also this is about the market value of a used 21 Bronco.
  9. Used Value Dropping Fast

    I wish there was a basesquatch, but the big bend always had more features than the base bronco.
  10. Used Value Dropping Fast

    KBB was $500 less than Carvana.
  11. Used Value Dropping Fast

    Every few months I check my 21 Basesquatch out on carvana and noticed about a 3k-4k drop in value. I have a lease and was considering a buyout in October; however, at this rate it seems like there will be zero or negative equity at that point. Anyone else notice a huge drop off or is this...
  12. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    If only this was 2022, he’d probably get 5k over MSRP from someone on this forum.
  13. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    Right, the landing could have been so much softer…
  14. Resale Values-Why so Brutal

    What is stunning is Unless the economy or more likely car market collapses. No one needs a raptor. That being said, the raptors prices will hold slightly longer. The unfortunate reality is that the regular bronco’s are no longer special or limited. Also, all of those ADMs probably mean a...
  15. Googz13

    Tri-State Broncos

    I apologize, I quickly read the title on my phone and didn’t scroll.
  16. Googz13

    Tri-State Broncos

    Looks like fun, wish it was on a weekend. I hope to join one of these drives soon.
  17. Bronco Raptor R news coming 1/17... see upcoming Ford Performance video description

    I guess this will be cross shopped with the Hurcan off-road thing and the Porsche Dakar. All of which will never be used off road
  18. Bronco NO LEATHER... is it possible?

    I think the my base has no leather products, instead it’s mostly plastic. While real leather isn’t great for an individual animal, real leather is much better for the environment.
  19. MY24 Climate Control Temp Knobs with Display

    Is this a huge deal for people? 🤯
  20. A Roof Rack for your Hitch (X-Rack)

    Any update on the hitch mounted beach cart?