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  1. Spare tire delete - best options?

    Yeah 3 gallon is almost too much hassle. Less containers to fill and empty is key. I will say the 3 gallon jug is the perfect size for hauling (great form factor). It would be nice to have a 10-15 gallon auxiliary tank built in at some point. Bronci (2dr) manual averages 20mpg on the 37s...
  2. Spare tire delete - best options?

    Don't know why a good delete with fuel cans isn't available!!! JCR Plate - Cut up the factory tire carrier. Used the camera snorkel to get the best view. Modified the factory light and attached to the plate. Factory wiring harness. TWO 3 Gallon Rotopax! Anything smaller isn't worth the...
  3. 37's which ones

    I'd avoid all China tires.... Nitto Recon Grappler 37x11.5R17 - Fantastic size. We have maintained our fuel economy good rolling resistance. Slightly less width will help dig in for traction. Realistically wheel speed is key for mud. NOT tread design. Unless you are going tractor tire but...
  4. PSI

    Most highway catastrophic tire failure is due to tire pressure (too low). This is why TPMS sensors have been mandated in vehicles. If you remember the 90s Explorer with Firestone Tire recall... this was a combination failure (primarily in the HOT Southwestern states) where the deeper AT tire...
  5. Carli Suspension Bronco Front Bumper

    Is the winch control pack relocated? Instructions are detailed but didn't see notes on the winch.
  6. Carli Suspension Bronco Front Bumper

    Any strength tests for the bumper wings? Will they support the vehicle weight? I love the design features (although not cosmetically appealing): 1. Winch Feet Forward (strongest mounting for forward pulling) 2. Front Lights (LOVE the XL80s on our Super Duty) 3. Semi Hidden (below grill and...
  7. Pros/Cons for Hyperco Lift Springs vs. Foutz Lift Collars for 1-2” lift?

    How is the ride? Are you 2" higher than stock with the additional weight? Any idea how much weight was added (front/rear)?
  8. Hyperco Bronco Raptor Lift

    How is the road ride with HD springs? Any idea on the weight capacity for the 2" HD springs? I'm curious how much additional weight is supported @ 2" lift height. We are trying to figure out winch options. We have the Lobo hidden winch on our 2dr (fantastic). Haven't found a front bumper...
  9. Bronco Raptor MRT Performance King Of The Hill & Extreme H-Pipe Exhaust Options [Updated with First Look & Listen]

    I think the factory exhaust is great. BUT... It hangs sooo low! I need ground clearance for rock crawling. I don't need/want more noise. Performance is great as-is. Cost effective increase in ground clearance and I'm a buyer.
  10. WTB: Bronco Raptor Fender Flares

    We posted ours for sale. https://mohave.craigslist.org/pts/d/hualapai-bronco-raptor-oem-fenders/7732855524.html
  11. 12,000 lb Hidden Winch install on Bronco Raptor

    Portables suck. Terrible option. Maybe for a farm truck that needs to swap between rigs. Absolutely ruins clearance. Heavy. Awkward. Floppy in a 2" receiver. No thanks. We have the LOBO hidden winch on our 2dr Bronco. It is ideal. Extremely low CG. Has access for reaching the clutch...
  12. 12,000 lb Hidden Winch install on Bronco Raptor

    @Dougmhoward - Do you have any pictures of the relocation modifications and what parts were used? We just bought a Raptor and I'd like to fit the LOBO hidden winch mount. I'd love to learn from your experience before digging in.
  13. 74Weld compares Bronco Raptor vs. Bronco on portals

    It would be interesting to see the Raptor vs Portal on some trails... Raptor is such a well balanced machine and proven on many technical trails. I'll bet that the advantage would swing depending on obstacle. Strange to consider the Raptor is the value option in this comparison.
  14. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    Has anyone figured out how to program the 5.734 axle ratio? Any manual transmission guys having issues? Any usage updates? Maintenance? Off Road?
  15. Spicer Ultimate Dana 60 axle +4" wide installed

    Will the factory driveshaft bolt up the D60?
  16. Advice on Adding 37” Tires?

    Absolutely. Been a customer for decades. Typically buy 1 or more sets of tires per year. May have vehicle obsessions... :)
  17. Advice on Adding 37” Tires?

    Icon CDEV - Billet Upper Control Arms - Welded lower control arm tabs with cam plates: lower cams locked in at zero degrees (to avoid CV axle overextension). Currently have 2.5" extension travel from ride height (in front). Will see how they settle. I'd like to have them set about 3"...
  18. Advice on Adding 37” Tires?

    Sas wheels with 1.25" spacer is equivalent to 8.5" with zero offset.
  19. Advice on Adding 37” Tires?

    You may need wheel spacer (stock wheels) or 17x8.5 with zero offset to help with inner (frame clearance). It may rub the top of the fender at full compression depending - think hitting a large bump or jumping. I have plenty of clearance otherwise. I figured these tires would be incredibly...
  20. Advice on Adding 37” Tires?

    Custom fabricated front/rear bumpers. Hidden winch.