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  1. Hope this wasn't a Bronco owner

    A prefect response….THANK YOU for ending this conversation for me. I am out to go have fun in the Idaho wilderness. “IGNORED”
  2. Anyone actually use their RC High Mount winch?

    Well…sorry it took so long. Sold the Badlands purchased a BRaptor installed the RC winch mount with ADD frame stiffeners. Did a self recovery with the RRP pulley. The mount was strong!!!! No issues.
  3. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Raptor owner here…..2500 miles rear diff fluid was thick gray. The drain plug had a 1/4” of sludge on it. WTF!!!! The quick lube guys at the shop laughed at me that I was going to change my fluids early. I called them back to let them know what I found and show them the video of the sludge...
  4. Need help deciding for Beadlocks

    I was on this trip where he ran 3 psi with the bead grips.
  5. Need help deciding for Beadlocks

    Those beadgrips are sweet. FYI i have read the Icon wheels have rusting issues!!! I would avoid those in Maine. The beadgrip are close to $270/each?
  6. Need help deciding for Beadlocks

    Have you considered Method Beadgrip? Check out Dirtlifestyle YT videos. He tests them to 0 psi. I wheeled with him in Canada and he ran down to 3psi. They are DOT approved and affordable too.
  7. Check this NOW if you have a 2021 Bronco -- cracks on rear control arm upper brackets

    Ford obviously know its a problem. They changed design from open to boxed mid-‘21 production.
  8. My Front Locker Failed Me, I could use some guidance please.

    No one has asked but I will….were you trying to engage the front locker while you were climbing in the obstacle? From my experience you should always select your t-case and lockers with relatively “unloaded” drivetrain on flat ground. Sorry if I am off base here but it came to mind. Also as...
  9. Anyone try Superchips Flashcal for 2023 model yet?

    Should I try it or will it blow up my computer?
  10. Anyone try Superchips Flashcal for 2023 model yet?

    @Superchips_Mktg But not on the Raptor 3.0L? Ugh!!!! I have one from my ‘21 baflands. I just want to change the TPMS set point! Will it work on the raptor for that?????
  11. LanceIto

    Boise Bronco Club

    Well I solved my Hoss 2.0 steering woes…bought a BRaptor with Hoss 4.0. Cant wait to trail ride with you?
  12. Raptor Bronco Under MSRP Thread

    Just paid 93k MSRP with and additional &2000 dealer mark down.
  13. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS ...Ford Performance M-3200-WT

    I solved my Hoss 2.0 tie rod and unboxed rear UCA bracket issues……… Just traded in the 2021 Badlands for a ‘23 Raptor!!!!
  14. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS ...Ford Performance M-3200-WT

    😡 *Exclusions: 2021-2023 Bronco 4Dr Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Black Diamond, Badlands that do NOT have the factory Sasquatch Package.
  15. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    I am starting to dislike some of the trolls that post on this forum. Damn the hate, i don’t understand it. Why? Maybe I am just too old and have too much fun.