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  1. Where Wednesday? Show Us Favorite Location to Take Your Bronco

    Big Bend National Park!
  2. June Giveaway by Suma Performance

    She's dirty and needs your help! Would love to try the ceramic coating spray!
  3. Hi all

    Proof that the 2D panels fit! And full disclosure, I had NEVER done this before and learned all as I went. The Bronco is very forgiving to give you access to run wires, pull out seats, pop off panels, etc - so it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. (excuse the temp location...
  4. Hi all

    I have a 2-Door and can tell you that the Mobridge WILL fit, just takes a bit of "driveway engineering" and everything sounds 10x better than before (especially after tuning help from Fraser!). Customer service is second to none - Fraser even sent me custom firmware to help with a power issue I...
  5. No Ragrets- which mod do you wish you hadn’t?

    Going through this BS right now - ordered the 2k version with no rear cam. Front cam works fine, interior cabin works about 1/8th of the time. Returned it, got a new unit and just put it in today...same issue. For $700 + a monthly subscription, I expect better.
  6. Doors Off - Issues putting them back on

    Also, someone in this group wisely told me to order some of this for the next time I take them off - just run some of this the full length of the gap. https://a.co/d/cniLm5t
  7. Glue Factory - Memorial Day Sale

    Oh crap, they're not sold in pairs? Well crap... that's not what I want. I guess I misunderstood. Go ahead and cancel the order then. Damn.
  8. Glue Factory - Memorial Day Sale

    Been looking for some rear molle panels for my 2D and yours look like just the ticket. Ordered!
  9. KC Titan Lightbar

    I'd def be on the phone with the KC guys before you wire anything up - got this response from them re: your issue. What worries me is that support doesn't know what the amp ratings of the Bronco are and that they're actively supporting an install video that clearly is dangerous (super hot wire...
  10. KC Titan Lightbar

    I’m no wiring expert but it’s clear that the lights need more than the standard aux 1 wire can push, so the relay def needs to be part of the equation.
  11. KC Titan Lightbar

    I pinged KC and got this response if it helps: Robert Byrd (KC HiLiTES) May 22, 2024, 08:10 PDT Hello Daylon, Yes, the wiring for the Pro6 Titan will come with a relay included in it and the video below can help with how to wire it to the Bronco AUX switch...
  12. Jacking Off Road - Best Practices

    Nobody? Just me? Okay, I'll see myself out...
  13. UPGRADE for Kicker 6.5 Kickpanels

    I put Morel Ultra Integra 602s in my kicks (the ones in the floor in the front) and are happy with them. If you're upgrading the speaker pods, make sure you have the amp to drive them - they sit at a beefy 120watt RMS - so can def take some power.
  14. Bronco Saddle Bags for Jerry Gas Cans - My DIY Welded Solution

    I really like it! Now I have to convince myself that I need 10gal of fuel strapped to the back of my 2-door so I can make it to.....Kroger.
  15. B & O speaker upgrade.

    The Mobridge system replaces the existing stock DSP that's mounted on the subwoofer enclosure. In a 4-door Bronco, you just mount the Mobridge in the same place where the stock DSP sits (replacing it), but in a 2-Door the plastic body panel is shaped differently so it can't clear the slightly...
  16. B & O speaker upgrade.

    It's a little more tricky in a 2-Door, but it can be done! The Mobridge system was designed for 4D folks in mind. I managed to shoehorn it into the wheel well space.
  17. B & O speaker upgrade.

    I just did this over the last 2 weeks - not cheap, but the best DSP/Amp combo out there. Paired it with some SSV 6.5'' speaker pods, Morel 6.5'' and 4'' in the front, and a JL sub. https://mobridge.us/product/ford-bronco-amplifier-plug-and-play-a2b-copy/
  18. DIY Garage Storage Rack for 4-door hardtop?

    I built this for my 2-Door Badlands based on a 4-Door design someone had posted earlier for transporting my doors to/from my parking garage (I live in a high rise, so don't have a dedicated garage space). Basically it's some SCH40 PVC pipe, a furniture dolly, and some pool noodles. Ran about...
  19. 2021 Bronco Badlands (MT) 2.3l won't start up with a single click noise

    I've had it less than a year - '23 Badlands... I did have full aux power and everything was working - just no start ability. I'll get the battery checked just to be sure. Post some pics if you get them!