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  1. Ambient lighting

    Anyone else having issues with the ambient lighting in the footwell? I will turn mine on then a couple days later it keeps resetting off and will have to turn it back on. I brought it to the dealer when I had an oil change done and surprise, surprise they said NPF. Not a huge issue but it’s...
  2. Soft top plastic guide rollers broken?

    Had the top down over the weekend and notice the plastic guides on the soft top on both sides are cracked. Anyone else have this issue? Not sure how it happened.
  3. Matte Black BRONCO illuminated grille letters!

    Thanks to @BadlandsGreekSquatch for being on the hunt and finding the perfect light up badges! We wanted the light up badge but didn’t not want white. He found these in matte black and look perfect! Install took about 2 hours and wired them to one of my aux switches! Let me know what you think.
  4. How does the 4A work?

    From my understanding if the Bronco is in 4A, if a wheel is slipping it will engage the 4WD but if nothing is slipping it should remain in 2WD . In 2H it will only be in 2 wheel no matter what. Is that correct? I lifted my Bronco and when in 2H everything is fine, but when I click 4A and under...
  5. Dubsesd Big Bend build!

    First day reservation Ordered January 25th Built on July 23rd Delivered on August 23rd Big Bend Area 51 Mid package Sasquatch I will update this as I go on. I have Zone off-road leveling kit that I have to install and I have speakers and amps ordered. I plan to wrap the full Bronco in Xpel...
  6. Removing exterior door handles?

    Does anyone have access to Ford workshop manual? If anyone does can someone post how to remove the exterior door handles? I hope to get my bronco in 3 weeks and going to do Xpel stealth PPF on the whole thing and I want to be able to remove the handles for a seamless look TIA! I will post...