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  1. Pictures: Sasquatch next to Jeep with 35" tires and lift & More Cactus Grey and Cyber Orange

    Went over to the Bronco sleeping grounds in Phoenix today. Drove in my Wrangler running on 35"s and a 2" lift. The Wrangler and the Sasquatched 4D Cactus Grey Bronco are almost exactly the same hight. Cactus grey is indeed US Military Fighter Jet Grey. It has an extremely light green tint...
  2. Advice for those buying a Bronco for the looks, not offroading... GO straight to 37" tires

    Go straight to 37" tires. (y) 35"s are the new stock size tires. 37"s are the new upsize. An absolute rule of the 4x4 community is that if you even slightly like and want the look of the bigger tires, you will end up buying them. Buy once, cry once. Or go broke buying twice or thrice. I...
  3. Photoshop Reqest: Bronco East meet Green

    Can someone put this green onto this RR BD?? Thanks in advance.
  4. Let's get October rolling 2020 style

    This might do it.
  5. What is this electronic widget? (pic)

    In another thread discussion that veered into swapping standard and LED taillights and the cost to do so, this part was never identified. It is on both sides of the Bronco. Mounted at a 45 degrees to the body. Is hidden under plastic covers when the vehicle is completed. What is it?
  6. Auto, Manual, Sasquatch or noSquatch?

    Time to sort out where B6G peeps are at, after the big Mansquatch announcement. ----------- ETA: Wildtrack buyers should choose; 10A 2.7L Sasquatch, because while it is standard, the 4.7 gears and 35" tires effect CAFE ( I know, I know LOL) ------- The poll choice is open for you to...
  7. Has anyone noticed this design feature? ( pics )

    What has been seen, cannot be unseen. I denounce myself for this post.
  8. 5.13 or 5.38 gears w/2.7L?

    Dana/Spicer is now offering 5.13 and 5.38 gear sets ( on top of 4.88) for Wranglers with the new M186 M220 axles. It shouldn't be long before they offer them for the M190 and M210. Considering that both of the Bronco engines are more powerful, but the M190 and M210 IFS differentials are...